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Kaboom Template

Online Compiler & IDE

Kaboom is a Javascript game programming library that helps you make games fast and fun.

Repls using this template

In this simple and minimalistic game your target is just to get as high as you can. Guide: 1: You have 3 lives at start. 2: If you touch red block you'll lost 1 life (after that you have 2 seconds of protection). 3: If you take white block you'll gain +1 life. 4: Block with question mark has random effect, one of below: destroys all visible blocks, speeds up the game for a few seconds with hurt immune gives you one extra life takes one life 5: White and random blocks appear at 50, 100, 150 etc. levels.
GIFs in Kaboom - Another Example
GIFs in Kaboom - Another ExampleThis time, without all the extras... The frame number for each GIF is shown above; the transition delay is shown below. Click on screen or press spacebar to animate/pause animation!
Parkour Game
Parkour GameThis is a small parkour game. To play use the arrow keys or wasd and try to avoid the lava and falling off. To finish the level you need to get to the golden '!' Make sure to follow and like.
Dots128Just an ultra simple and relaxing game about connecting dots. Rules: You can connect dots in all directions. More dots will be connected, bigger bonus you got.
Space War: A Space Shooter Game
Space War: A Space Shooter GameThis is a space-shooter game created for the conquest. Better experience if you play it in the spotlight page, or in a new tab. Controls down👇. For more information read the file Controls (shooting is automatic) Arrow Keys => movement (you cannot go up) & change space ship (in choose screen) Enter => Play Again (in game over screen) F => Fullscreen mode (while playing) Esc => Normal screen mode (while playing) See the file to check the changes. Hope you enjoy the game! To play in fullscreen mode, open the game in a new tab and press F while you're playing
Spicy Tower
Spicy TowerGame heavily inspired by Icy Tower. Goal of the game is to achieve the highest possible score. Score is increased by climbing floors. You will get extra bonus points for (bonuses are cumulative): climbing several floors in one jump* catching the stars \* if you want to jump higher just get maximum speed before jumping Lava is dangerous and you will die if you touch it. Lava speed is increased by climbing floors. Tips: auto jump is available, it is recommended to use it to achieve higher score and floor Image Credits Music:

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