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A modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Deno + Fresh + Twind

    Cover page
    Made with Deno

    Fresh is a next generation web framework, built for speed, reliability, and simplicity. Some stand out features:

    • Just-in-time rendering on the edge.
    • Island based client hydration for maximum interactivity.
    • Zero runtime overhead: no JS is shipped to the client by default.
    • No build step.
    • No configuration necessary.
    • TypeScript support out of the box.

    Fresh embraces the tried and true design of server side rendering and progressive enhancement on the client side.

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  • HTTP Server: Routing

    Cover page
    Made with Deno

    An example of a HTTP server that handles requests with different responses based on the incoming URL.

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  • Minimal Blog Template

    Cover page
    Made with Deno

    Get started with your blog in only two lines of JavaScript.

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