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    Steamship Prompt App Template
    Use this template to create your own prompt app with GPT. This template provides the tools you need to build, deploy, and invoke a production-ready prompt app.
    Make a custom AI writer with a few lines of code! This Repl uses Cohere AI's language models to generate custom text based on a given "command". It can be adapted to any text generation use-case by adjusting the prompt. This example generates a short story about learning to code :) For those interested in forking, you can get a free API key here: is a free and source-available workflow automation tool. You can think of it as a free Zapier alternative. n8n enables users to connect various web applications via API and to trigger workflows via various triggers, even without programming knowledge. Data can be synchronised between more than 90 applications, powerful workflows can be set up and custom integrations (nodes) can be created. Learn more about here: Credits: This template was made by @HackermonDev for a bounties that @antoine posted. Learn more about bounties here:
    Extremely in-depth template allowing almost anyone to create fancy online code editors for existing, and even custom languages! Includes very detailed README that anyone can follow to create the editor of their dreams 🥳.
    A Visual Novel engine to make your novels with fun! Based in Kaboom
    Luminus is a Clojure micro-framework based on a set of lightweight libraries. It aims to provide a robust, scalable, and easy to use platform. With Luminus you can focus on developing your app the way you want without any distractions.
    Using Clarity Lang you can bring smart contracts to Bitcoin. This template contains the Clarity setup so all you need to focus on is building your dApp.
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