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let REPLIT_INTERESTS = [“dev tools”, “creative tools”, “programming education”]

function confirmApplication(name) {
// TODO: implement send to replit

function applyToReplit({ name, portfolio, interests }) {
if(portfolio && interests.some((interest) => REPLIT_INTERESTS.includes(interest))) {

// usage
// applyToReplit({ name: 'you',
// portfolio: '',
// interests: ['creative tools', 'engineering']
// })

Announcement: $80M Series B

Replit recently announced our $80M Series B to bring the next billion software creators online. We're focusing on: building the world's most ubiquitous programming environment; inspiring creativity and generating value for creators through community; and designing simple yet scalable infrastructure primitives for the next generation of creators. We're using the new financing to continue innovating and to grow the team with other talented and passionate builders.
Read more about our plans for the future. And if you want to dig deeper, Packy McCormick did a terrific deep dive on our story.

What we care about

We make programming more accessible by building powerful yet approachable tools and platforms for developers, students, and educators. We want to blur the line between learning and making– a place where you can hang out, tinker with ideas, learn new concepts, and launch a business all in the same day.
Replit is a platform for both newcomers and experts to express themselves. While computers are the most powerful tools to exist in the history of humanity, most people are just consumers of these machines. Our goal is to empower people as creators and give them computer superpowers– where every app, website, and program can be as personal as a home-cooked meal.
Creative empowerment is reflected in our team. We are transparent and open, value collaboration across different fields, and constantly talk to our users. Anyone and everyone (including interns!) can have an enormous impact and product-changing ideas. All you have to do is share.
We are at a unique point in time to be working on these problems and in a unique position to help solve them. Especially as global connectivity increases, browsers become more sophisticated, and schools begin to understand the need for coding literacy, Replit has a responsibility to help make the world of computing more equitable, powerful, and fun.
No matter how much we like computers, this all has to get done by people (us)! We celebrate all kinds of backgrounds, all of which inspire our conversations with computer science, education, psychology, design, business, art, literature, biology, and more. Help us expand that list!
To read more about what we care about, check out our operating principles, or read about reasons not to join Replit.

What we work on

On any given day, we tackle some of the most challenging problems in computing (sandboxing, distributed systems, scheduling) and the the most interesting problems in design and HCI (how do you create a learnable programming environment?). Lucky for us, features like multiplayer collaboration happen to be product, design, and engineering puzzles all at the same time.
We are constantly experimenting, prototyping, and learning how to make collaborative programming inclusive and fun. We love demos, brainstorming, and bringing research ideas to life that impact millions of people.
Read more about some of our most recent and ongoing projects on our blog:

How we interview

We look for people who are excellent at their craft and want to share that expertise with others. Regardless if you're an engineer, designer, marketer, or a wildcard, we want to see that your fundamentals are nailed down, you're resourceful, responsive to feedback, and able to think on your toes!

That means that we won't be testing you with brainteasers that are unrelated to the real world. We ask you questions related to real challenges at Replit.

We are always looking for new talent and value everyone who wants to contribute— from fulltime to interns. To see some first hand accounts and specific examples about our process, check out our blog post on hiring interns, our initial engineering challenge, and a mock Replit interview with an Ex-Facebook Engineer.

Life at Replit

We work hard but also don't take ourselves too seriously, as you'll see in the video :)


Remote-First and Autonomous Working EnvironmentFlexible Work HoursCompetitive Salary & EquityHome Office Set-Up StipendHealth, Dental, Vision, and Life InsuranceShort Term and Long Term DisabilityMonthly Expenses StipendCommuter BenefitsParental and Baby Bonding LeaveFlexible PTO (2 Weeks Minimum Required) + Holidays401k ProgramAnnual Company/Team Offsites (4/year)
the entire Replit team together wearing company t-shirts in front of a lake in the mountainsThe team at our 2021 offsite in Estes Park, Colorado 🏔

Open positions

Customer Success & Teacher CommunityGlobal (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)
Designer Who CodesGlobal (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)
Executive AssistantGlobal (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)
Product EngineerGlobal (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)
Our team is a blend of former founders, public educators, designers and engineers from Google, Mozilla, Facebook, Spotify, Box, Scratch, and more-- all with educations that range from completely self-taught to bootcamp graduates and PhDs.
That's all to say: these job listings are approximations! If you're a curious and passionate person, we want to hear from you. We are all generalists who like to dip our toes into different fields and skillsets, so if a job isn't a 100% fit, don't worry!
Meanwhile, if you are a freelancer or someone who is looking to earn through writing code, check out Replit Bounties!