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Book & Content Website Template w/ Mash Monetization

Online Compiler & IDE

With this Gatsby Template in Replit, you can easily create a book or content based website with built in one-click monetization, donations and you can charge users for premium chapters & content with any amount. Users can auto-pay when they set a budget.

You can edit the content and pricing with a few changes, and markdown, extend chapters, redesign it and more. Users can auto-pay per chapter as they read your content, paying as they enjoy. Or one-click tip boost for your content. Additionally you can add bitcoin & lightning network native donations and more!

Share what you've create in our discord, or reach out with questions:

Learn more about Mash at

Repls using this template

ayurveda books
ayurveda books
CSS publication is the home to extremely useful and educational Collection of Most Rare and Extraordinary Ancient Sanskrit as well as AyurvedaWorks. Not only does this site contain ancient text books that were previously unavailable to the public , but it also provides a vast amount of educational subjects too. We provide book services such as  ayurveda books,  bams 1st year books,  padarth vigyan book,  Ancient Indian Medicine book etc.

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