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Astro Furrets Template

Online Compiler & IDE

A little bit of scaffolding for RayhanADev's kewl projects. Features:

  • Blazing fast and lightweight Astro client
  • Lightweight and extensive Koa.js server
  • Image optimization via astro-imagetools
  • Tailwind CSS preconfigured with furret.css themes and fonts + additional PostCSS configuration
  • Layout with SEO metadata preconfigured, along with brand favicons, webmanifest, and sitemap data
  • Login and user data via custom ReplAuth authentication and store logic
  • Faster inline scripts with Partytown
  • Analytics scaffolding for my Umami dashboard
  • and more little additions! 🚀

Repls using this template

RayhanADev Teen Fullstack Web Developer && Software Engineer. I build anti-abuse tooling for Replit and make kewl things with their APIs.
AboutWe are Replit's Community Moderation team, a group of volunteer content moderators whose goal is to keep Replit a safe and vibrant community! If you think you're a good fit for the Replit Discord/Site Moderator volunteer position, please fill out the form at: We've added this link to the website as well.

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