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Cycles Terms

Last updated: 7/26/2022

Cycles are a virtual token you can use to unlock additional features for your Replit account. Your right to use Cycles is a limited, personal, revocable license issued to you by Replit under the following terms, which supplement the Replit Terms of Service. Please read them in full before you purchase Cycles.

Acquiring Cycles

Cycles are available for purchase at a price that Replit determines and may change. When you purchase Cycles, they go into your Account which you can see at My Cycles. Replit may also limit on the number of Cycles you may hold, acquire, or expend in a single day. In the future, Replit may issue Cycles in other ways.

Using Cycles

Replit controls what features may be unlocked with Cycles and amounts of Cycles required to unlock them. Replit may change these features and amounts at any time, or in the future allow other users to set such amounts. To access and use Cycles you must maintain your account in good standing. If your account is suspended or terminated, you lose access to Cycles and depending on the violation may not receive them back.

No refunds

Cycles are not refundable.


Cycles may not be transferred, bartered, sublicensed, or sold between users, except through authorized channels that Replit may provide in the future, to which further conditions may apply. Any violation of this condition may result in the forfeiture of your Cycles and/or the suspension or termination of your Replit account.

No cash value

Cycles do not have any value in real currency, cannot be substituted for real currency, do not earn interest, and cannot be redeemed or refunded for real currency or anything else of value.

Expiration and fees

Cycles do not expire for as long as you maintain your Replit account, and we charge neither maintenance fees nor dormancy fees. If your Replit account is terminated, you forfeit your Cycles balance, and you will have no recourse against Replit. Replit may also discontinue Cycles at any time and no refunds will be issued.

Customer service

You may contact Replit with customer service inquiries about Cycles through