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Socket.IO Template

Online Compiler & IDE

A lightweight Node + Express backend equipped with Socket.IO. Socket.IO is a library that enables low-latency, bidirectional and event-based communication between a client and a server.

Repls using this template

multiplayer thingymabobbers
multiplayer thingymabobbers
A basic multiplayer engine
Wooclap Exo 2
Wooclap Exo 2A simple SocketIO backend that shares real-time messages between connected users
Cats vs Dogs
Cats vs DogsDogs or Cats, who will prevail?
Cats vs Dogs
Cats vs DogsDogs or Cats, who will prevail?
Cats vs Dogs
Cats vs DogsDogs or Cats, who will prevail?
REdrURL SHORTENER. Made with mostly because why not. Shortens for free, also has some more suff on the index landing page as a small portfolio.

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