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Replit Database Template

Online Compiler & IDE

A simple and easy-to-use template for using the official Replit database.

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AVIRAL_AKASH ==> Mean-variance-standard-deviation-calculator
AVIRAL_AKASH ==> Mean-variance-standard-deviation-calculator
Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator:- Create a function named calculate() in that uses Numpy to output the mean, variance, standard deviation, max, min, and sum of the rows, columns, and elements in a 3 x 3 matrix. The input of the function should be a list containing 9 digits. The function should convert the list into a 3 x 3 Numpy array, and then return a dictionary containing the mean, variance, standard deviation, max, min, and sum along both axes and for the flattened matrix.
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For loop creative projectThis replit consist of while loops and for loops and the goal is to display all the numbers from 1-100 except for one number and have the user input the missing number. The only way to exit the loop is to provide the missing number.
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Wind Turbine ProjectCalculate the power generated by any wind turbine.
Day2_100DaysThis Repl ask some questions to get to know users better from their inputs and summarizes their inputs.

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