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Next.js + TailwindCSS Template

Online Compiler & IDE

The official Next.js template, but with TailwindCSS. TailwindCSS adds utility-classes so you can create wonderful UI easy and fast.

Repls using this template

Lisa's Anime Recommender
Lisa's Anime Recommender
This app tells Lisa which anime show she should watch next. Built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and uses the Anime Recommender API to deliver the recommendations. Love you sweetie!
BlogA mini blog with NextJS and GraphQL
Friction and Computer Fans
Friction and Computer FansA science project built with Scrollmagic, GSAP, Nextjs and Tailwind.
DomainWizardAn AI-powered domain name generator (for a bounty I did, shared with permission)
Restaurant.comIts a restaurant site
Project Image on 3D Object
Project Image on 3D ObjectBuild using React + Tailwind + React-Three-Fiber

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