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Markdown Notes Template

Online Compiler & IDE

This is a template that renders markdown using furret.css!

It also uses a live server to display your content for you without having to manually refresh 😌.

Repls using this template

Tip Me!
Tip Me!
Although you are not forced to tip me, it is very appreciated! Every cycle I earn will go directly to cool projects that I'm working on that you probably want awake the whole time and faster. Remember you are NOT forced to tip me! Coder992
Upcomming Replit Changes
Upcomming Replit Changes
Tipping is Appreciated
Tipping is AppreciatedYou are not being forced to tip me. I need the cycles for boosts because my hacker plan ends tomorrow.
Replit's Featured Problem
Replit's Featured ProblemA lot of featured Repls are AI projects, most of them requiring an OpenAI API key, and there aren't very many non-AI projects that end up on the featured section of Replit's homepage. This website has more information about this issue and possible ways to fix this while still keeping AI projects able to be featured. There is concept art at the bottom of the page. Feel free to fork this project and spread the word even more! The more people who take action on this, the higher chance something will happen.

Build anything with zero setup.

Instantly start and rapidly develop projects in any programming language or framework.
zero setup

Instantly host everything.

All your projects are instantly live. With zero setup deployment and custom domains, sharing your work with the world is easy.
host your projects instantly.

Create together, wherever.

Live collaboration is built-in. Create together with others from anywhere in the world, on any device.
multiplayer collaboration

Power up your projects.

Accelerate your coding with AI assistance. Boost your speed, storage, and memory. Keep your app running forever. Take your project to the next level.
power up your projects

Learn while you build.

Take step-by-step tutorials that teach you how to build your dream project, whatever it may be.
learning projects on Replit

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