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C# Discord Bot Starter (Discord.NET) Template

Online Compiler & IDE

A template repl for building Discord bots in C# with the Discord.NET library.

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Stock Trading SimulatorAfter about 700 lines of code, I present Stock Trading Simulator. Currently in the Beta phase, I will be taking a lot of feedback, and you can expect the occasional bug. Please comment any feedback or bugs you have found This project is very basic and rudimentary, however I will be making updates to the game in order to add more variety. This project is in open beta testing, so there will probably be bugs or issues that I have not found. If you find a bug or issue, or just feedback for me, please comment it because it will help me make the game better
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Akka.NET Easy Pub-SubUses basic Akka.NET actors to implement thread-safe publish-subscribe in-memory. Subscribers can join and leave as they wish in order to consume published events.

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