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Compare AI code assistants

Replit AI, your new pair programmer


GitHub Copilot

Replit AI is more than just code completion. You’ll write better code and ship faster.
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How does Replit AI compare to GitHub Copilot?

See why Replit AI is the best option for you and your team.
comparing Replit AI features to GitHub Copilot features

Write faster code with Code Completion

Replit AI will provide suggestions based on the code in your current file. To use it, simply start coding and the suggestions will appear inline.
Learn more about Code Completion

Generate code from scratch

Simply give Replit AI a natural language prompt and it will return code to solve it. Replit AI can write large chunks of code at once, so it's useful when you want to write small programs or several related functions in one shot.
Learn more about Generate Code

Refactor code in seconds

One of Replit AI’s unique feature compared to Copilot is Edit Code. With Edit Code, Replit AI can refactor your code to run faster, translate it into another language, and make your code easier to read.
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Understand complex code quickly

Stuck? Highlight that piece of tricky code, and Replit AI will walk you through it step-by-step in plain English. This feature is especially useful when trying to understand other people's code or code you wrote in the past.
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Hear it from the developers themselves.

“It's crazy how accurate the suggestions are. I feel like it's reading my mind!”

profile picture for Jason
JasonAspiring Software Engineer
“Building a sample Todo app with Replit AI is pretty magical.”
profile picture for Filip Mares
Filip MaresEngineer @ Microsoft
“It's wild that a personal interface to a cutting edge AI is a thing I can build while waiting for the subway.”
profile picture for Shreyans Bhansali
Shreyans BhansaliCo-founder @ MavenHQ
“This program is incredibly helpful! I'm new to React.js, and it has made my coding so much easier!”
profile picture for codeitfast

See what else Replit offers

Instantly host everything

All your projects are instantly live. With zero setup deployment and custom domains, sharing your work with the world is easy.
a globe with a credit card on top

Build anything with zero setup

Instantly start and rapidly develop projects in any programming language or framework.
the replit IDE workspace

Create together, wherever

Live collaboration is built-in. Create together with others from anywhere in the world, on any device.
a piece of code with multiplayer cursors collaborating together

Power up your projects

Boost your speed, storage, and memory. Keep your app running forever. Take your project to the next level.
different ways to upgrade your workspace such as Private Repls and Boosts.

The future of coding is here, and it lives in your cursor.

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