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???:???????? by by ???

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Among the Displaced: Snakes' Den Finley's life has come to a screeching halt. Waking dazed and confused in a world of aliens, she's tossed to the wolves- or in this case- the Snakes. Unable to communicate, her new roommates are two Nathair males she can't quite seem to figure out. There are misunderstandings and embarrassing pitfalls galore as Finley navigates her new reality. Rhyl and Idra's homeworld was destroyed and their lives ruined as the Federation chased the Taeun, a plaque within space, through their planetary system. Being housed in a refugee camp governed by the regime responsible for the destruction of their world is one thing, but when a frustrating little mammal gets thrown into the mix? Trouble ensues. Love, lust, and tantalizing anatomy make for a delicious and taboo tale of romcom theatrics intertwined with terrible

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