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5 months ago
Digging Simulator -- fork, new, creative mode works
Digging Simulator -- fork, new, creative mode worksDue to the real game ( shutting down, I forked it. Creative mode was turned off, so I set it back up in the same wait it used to work. I did this to bring back the game, and no updates will ever come. The rest of the description is unchanged from the fork. Welcome to the Digging Simulator! The game where you dig up items and sell them for money! You may do various things with the money like buy better shovels or mystery boxes. You can finish dinosaurs in the museum and contracts for even more money! In the shop, you may even get lucky to get a rare item for cheap and sell it for profit, but be careful in the shop, the shop can have some "not" to good deals in it. Anyways, have fun!!