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Published on May 28, 2022

Welcome to the replit community and learn the rules to follow.

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MuntereOlobulu3 days ago

hello everyone? I, am new here. happy to join this platform and hopes to increase my skills in coding

DennisHardy5 days ago

Hello everyone! I am new here and learning python. I hope everyone is doing well, and if not, I hope it gets better for you.

novelboy2 weeks ago

Where can we post our questions and get help on coding? Some features don't work in nodjs html/css. I can't find any way to chat like before about issues. The community isn't accessible?

0xHildi3 weeks ago

Hi guys, how can I ask a question or signal a package issue in this community without having to share a REPL?

RCCoder304 weeks ago

Hey there - While I do love this update, is there any way you can bring back the ask forums? The ask forums were a great place to get advice from other like minded developers, and its a bit hard now to get help while developing an application. I was trying to develop an app using selenium, and even though I made a post asking about the question, it is clear that people only share here, and no developers can talk or get advice from one another, something I think is very important.

Baconman3211 month ago

Nice! Is there anything you are doing about spammers? They are like cockroaches - one comments and then the entire post blows up with them. It would be nice if we had the power to remove comments on our own posts (within reason).

IcemasterEric1 month ago

I feel like this is directed partly at me :P

flaryx321 month ago

Can u guys change the trending algorith, cuz it's a bit too random... ty :)

TheDrone7shared an update1 month ago
Welcome to Replit Community [+ Rules]Post

This is an official post that helps you get started with the replit community.

It also contains the rules and guidelines that you are expected to follow, alongside some additional useful information for using replit in general.

HyperScripter1 month ago

Cool, i have my hyper tic tac toe in this