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The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven by by Nathaniel Ian Miller

Nathaniel Ian Miller
Available Format: EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT.

Lost Face (1910) is a collection of seven short stories by American writer Jack London. Drawing on his experiences as a gold prospector in the Yukon, London explores the life of humanity at the edge of civilization. In these stories of life and death, nature reigns supreme over society, and even the strong are not guaranteed to survive. “Lost Face” is the story of a Polish trapper and fur thief named Subienkow. Captured by Native Americans, he watches in horror as a strong, courageous Cossack is slowly killed through hours of brutal torture. Recalling the hardships he faced in Poland, Russia, and Siberia, Subienkow delves deep into his reservoir of experience to devise a plan he hopes will allow him to escape such a terrible fate. Using an interpreter, he conv

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