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  • PyGame Sand Simulation

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    Made with Pygame

    Simple simulation of various elements such as sand and water. Controls: Click to place elements Left & Right arrows to change brush size (0 to 10 tiles) number keys and first row of letter keys to switch between elements: 1: Air 2: Sand (Falls downward and creates piles) 3: Water (Falls downwards and flows, turns into steam when heated) 4: Wall (nothing) 5: Fire (goes out after some time, put out instantly by water) 6: Gunpowder (Flammable, falls and creates piles) 7: Lava (Lights things on fire, falls and flows, cooled by water) 8: Oil (flammable, falls downward and flows) 9: Ice (melts when heated, converts steam into water) 0: Stone (falls downwards and creates pillars) Q: Steam (moves upwards slowly, flows outward, and cools into water) W: Plant (solid, grows vines beneath it, flammable) E: Wood (slowly burns, solid) The following are planned tiles Cloner Salt & saltwater moss dirt & mud gas

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    1 month ago

    POV: you forgor to change the values to make the game actually work

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