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Stock Market Game
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Created on Jun 23, 2021
Last published on Oct 15, 2021
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52,046,811,106 money in 50 days lol

1xdus7 hours ago

11 Quad in 100 days


On day 188 i have successfully made 471,844,059 dollars and i have 99,822 day left hmm wonder where this will go?

FastF2L14 hours ago

1340633018286645 can do better

Awesome game dude!

JohnMcGuire2 days ago

30 days $28,570,986I felt like I could see candle sticking strategies emerge.

TSelden2 days ago

I was inspired by this and made a multiplayer version where the days go by every four seconds and it saves your data so you can go do something else and come back to it later. Unfortunately, I didn't create it on replit, but maybe I'll upload it in the future. (The server is node.js run and I don't have hacker plan so it wouldn't work so well...)

IamMauricio2 days ago

its very fun

EdgarBarnes2 days ago

150 Days: 718,641,196,171

tbfjay2 days ago


You have 0 days left to make money. Lets see how you did!

After 400 days you have made $8,663,499,275,287,304,542 dollarsYou own 0 shares

VERY VERY Impresive!!! Now just do that in the real world and you will be set ;)

yorifantYoran3 days ago

You have 0 days left to make money. Lets see how you did!

After 69 days you have made $2,845,687,580 dollarsYou own 0 shares

Can you teach me your ways? Because that was amazing!

tbfjay3 days ago

You have 0 days left to make money. Lets see how you did!

After 400 days you have made $4,601,220,612,560,718,037 dollarsYou own 0 shares

VERY VERY Impresive!!! Now just do that in the real world and you will be set ;)

SasinduMissaka3 days ago

I mean I'd say this is pretty good:After 10 days you have made $36,730 dollars

Yoplayer1py3 days ago

bro it resetted the counter mid game .... -_- I almost reaced 1 quintillion

Yoplayer1py3 days ago

It says: Balance: $-5,220,026,829,279,622,954

Bug ?

BrooklynREHU3 days ago

how do you play this game??????????????

JoseReplitAcc13 days ago

You have 0 days left to make money. Lets see how you did!

After 100 days you have made $189,633,236,449,483 dollarsYou own 0 shares

VERY VERY Impresive!!! Now just do that in the real world and you will be set ;)

TSelden5 days ago

Great game! Just one thing, though. I can tell you worked hard on that ASCII "Stocks" title, but to me it kind of looks like "Stonks." Just wanted to let you know so you can fix it. Otherwise, amazing game!

boyi1108015 days ago

After 100 days I have made $289,603,082,633 dollars!

GodGamer15 days ago

I love this game. Lets you know that something simple can be great.

Alexander-Clive5 days ago

I am on day 999882 and i have more then 6 billion dollars

NathanHaight15 days ago

very god game but adding more Varity would be nice

samdafrog6 days ago

very good game and I would play it again.

LoganGardiner6 days ago

ya its glitching bad

TheWeirdCat6 days ago

umm i found a glitch in the game just type max for when you want to buy and the game will glitch

AstroCat20196 days ago

Also, what language did you use for it, I couldn't really identify by looking at the code?

AAp0076 days ago

i played it just stuck in middle and just showing yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

DeadDerp316 days ago

$19,985,497,971 is my score after 60 days, thought it was good till I looked at the bot's scores LOL

TheTesterz6 days ago

I broke it.


144,982,067,512,487,734 (quadrillions) wow... 144 quadrillion in 150 days.

sp2262017 days ago

it glitches if you type in "max" for how many shares you would like to buy and runs through the rest of the days

alang97 days ago


keegang67057 days ago

if you buy shares " * " piece it will bug and fast travel to the end

stampe997 days ago

Balance: $41,431,540,219

nexxa7 days ago


JerryYang11 week ago

I found a bug. I bought a lot of shares and it started spamming "Do you want me to convert..."

Jakeplayz89741 week ago

i did 1000000000000000000000000000000 days my brain hurts i do not recommend putting that amount of days it hurt your bean

LBF12341 week ago

1279482535 in 110 days

AstroCat20191 week ago

Could you add a limit to the amount of days possible to play this?

WilliamCaron1 week ago

This is the best! Could you add a 'max' feature to buying as well?

LoganLoftus1 week ago

After 50 days you have made $36,915,853 dollarsYou own 0 shares

WOW WOW WOW, very good indeed. Very stonks

HoloGrain1 week ago


ElvisKoszinowsk1 week ago


EveBrett1 week ago

73 trillion, in 100 days. VERY VERY Impresive? (typo in game)

ElvisKoszinowsk1 week ago


LoganGardiner1 week ago

ya that would be very helpful

theloneneutrino1 week ago

Try playing for 1 day

hlonipoole6921 week ago

Now this is a cool game man. Also could ya add the option to buy max shares?

AnthonyAdkinson1 week ago


LoganGardiner1 week ago

my game wont even load


NewGenArt1 week ago


jkarikari991 week ago

$172,777,834!!great game overall

LoganHackworth1 week ago

It's a really good game, however this this weird yet interesting glitch where if you kept waiting for the better price, and go max to buy stocks, it will s pam the would you like convert error.

ShkuratovskyiA1 week ago

Bruh the game broke

JJJ20081 week ago

60 days i got 160,124,467

ImBadAtCodingHa1 week ago

in 100 days got 36,716,249,546,462nice

InvisibleOne1 week ago

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 9.52.17 AMCool game

MultiLangCoder2 weeks ago

After 365 days you have made $9,133,864,668,935,681,719 dollars.Woah.

ArnavGandre2 weeks ago

After 100 days you made $1020794 dammm

pythonari2 weeks ago

i made $-3,723,901,843,747,567,209,387,530,006,083,274 dollars in 365 days

JuwanAju2 weeks ago

I got $24,339,651,901,590,602 dollars After 150 days

Kazy6ek042 weeks ago

Tried 10 days, says I have 0 days after the first day

awesomehelper2 weeks ago

After 365 days you have made $-5,944,361,148,406,520,698 dollarsYou own 0 shares

lol i got too rich.


game is bugged

jasonthehuman2 weeks ago

can't buy or sell by typing in the number of stocks i want. Also start with an avg buy cost of 04214061

ShkuratovskyiA2 weeks ago

bro why did you change it. It was better last time now its a bit weird.

EncryptedDoom2 weeks ago


I broke math.

SorenRepl2 weeks ago

I got 98,074$ in five days

itdoesnotwork2 weeks ago

made 23 11 749 046 $ in a 100 days. It was pretty fun

AverySojka2 weeks ago

i cant sell

itamarbns2 weeks ago

btwi think i broke the game cuz i have negetive money

itamarbns2 weeks ago

i made 3,232,870,585,185$ in almost 80 days

thomass3932 weeks ago



zafeermeraj2 weeks ago

the buy for less than max is not working

SierraSykes2 weeks ago

I love this game!!! It's just a little hard for me because, I don't really know anything about the stock market. My parents do it but I don't. Anyway, Great job!!!!!!!!

jbalsavich2 weeks ago

my balance got so high that I have negative quintillions of dollars. That was only in 160 days, I have 200 days left, but not worth have the most negative balance possible

GaurabPoudel12 weeks ago

my sell is not working

radenvalenzo2 weeks ago


FindingNemo2 weeks ago

I made $300,560,730,300! This was in 200 days! Also, I must say! This game is amazing and very addicting!

1245352 weeks ago

730,956,666,976 in 365 days

HaroonMajid2 weeks ago

i have tried every option but my balance is always 1000. Help pls?

oscardanahersea2 weeks ago

made 74,221,770$ in 40 days

2 weeks ago

went straight to mc donalds :(

fdiang2 weeks ago

I would love to have an option to buy/sell all my money/stocks without having to type it. A nice to have feature would be a more realistic pricing model; when selling a large amount of shares price should be lower on days that follow.

Otherwise, great game!

UniversalIdiot2 weeks ago

make it soo you can just sell and buy max

fjshomeplate2 weeks ago

$1,478,901,548,068 in 100 days.

Arvin092 weeks ago

108,000,000,0000 shares in 150d

UniversalIdiot2 weeks ago


UniversalIdiot2 weeks ago


iuliakramar2 weeks ago

i got 217, 815,160,839,795,078

SamuelChen103 weeks ago

probably because I chose 1234567890 days ;)

SamuelChen103 weeks ago

wait I got 7,034,708,005

SamuelChen103 weeks ago

108,946,426 for me

uygararabul3 weeks ago

When the game asks "Would you like me to convert your shares to dollars...", if you type any invalid reponse, it spirals into an infinite loop. You could fix that, but otherwise I love the game, thanks for making it

ebeanie3 weeks ago

whew! this sure is impressive. I think that you, @OwenBlack are a really good game designer.

labkid3 weeks ago


IshReplitPy3 weeks ago

After 10 days you have made $244,364 dollarsNot too shabby...

Blitzer10253 weeks ago


SomeBoyPlayz3 weeks ago


AlexanderHaxhia3 weeks ago