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Jace Billingsley

Hey there! I'm Jace, a 14 year old web applications developer!
  • The Code Blue App

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    Made with Node.js

    The Code Blue App, an app made for hospitals to use in the event of a cardiac or respiratory arrest. This app helps time the resuscitation efforts of a patient undergoing cardiac or respiratory arrest.

    For more information check my Github page at

    You can also view the sites portal at

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    7 months ago

    This is still an early release, 1.0, and I am aware of some styling errors of the text boxes.

    7 months ago


    A Code Blue, When Every Second Counts


    What is The Code Blue App?

    The Code Blue App is a tool made for hospital staff to use during a code blue. This app helps them time the actions in a code blue to the American Heart Association's ® recommendations. It is simple to use and records the data needed for hospital records.

    What is a Code Blue?

    When a person experiences respiratory or cardiac failure, it is typically called a code blue. During a code blue a combination of physical, electrical, and chemical interventions are used to resuscitate the patient.

    Who Created The Code Blue App?

    This app was developed by Jace Billingsley for the Congressional App Challenge 2021. His father is a respiratory therapist, and he participates in resuscitation efforts very frequently. Many times, the documentation efforts in a code blue are not as detailed and accurate as is needed. This app can assist any healthcare provider to deliver better lifesaving efforts during a code blue.


    Frontend + Backend

    The Code Blue App's frontend is created in javascript. This runs the timers on the page, manages the data of the page, and more. The Code Blue App's backend is an expressjs webserver running on Node.js. These return the correct pages when accessing a webpage on


    • The Code Blue App offers timers for medication and pulse checks. The default medications listed are: Epinepherine, Amiodarone, Atropine, Adenosine, and Lidocaine. Additionally, there is an "Other Med" button for medications not listed.
    • After a code a preview of the codes logs is shown on all devices, and a file is downloaded on computers containing the time the code started, time of events, details of events, etc.
    • The Code Blue App has a Start Code button, an End Code Button, and a ROSC Obtained button. Both the End Code and Rosc Obtained buttons will end the code blue, however in the log file they will show different outcomes. ROSC Obtained means "Return of Spontaneous Circulation," meaning the patient has been resuscitated successully. The End Code button will show in the file the code has ended, but the patient has not been resuscitated.
    • will automatically start the code whenever the webpage is openend.

    Features to Come

    • Medication Count.
    • Active Code Log below pulse check section.
    • Better UI and mobile design.
    • More helpful features for use in a code blue.



    You can view my website at


    You can email me at [email protected]

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