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See students who are coding NOW

See which of your students are coding in real-time. All it takes is one click to join their session and see what they're working on.
Who's coding feature

Multiplayer by default

Drop into any student Repl in real-time. Code together and have access to student’s Repl history and code base.
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multiplayer typing

Review students' work, send instant feedback without leaving the IDE

Know who is coding live from your students, review their work instantly without leaving the IDE, send them feedback and instructions all in one place dedicated for education convenience.
Teams pane use example

Conversations and real feedback

Leave feedback on your students' work. Annotations can be added on projects and team repls. Annotations unlock a new way to give feedback on any line of code.
annotations feature example

Tests and autograding

Save time on grading. Free yourself up for more individual attention and increase student persistence by letting them test code before turning it in.
input/output test example

Languages and tools support

More languages
Better syntax highlighting support
Advanced code intelligence
Get access to a selection of starter templates from frameworks like Rails and Django
coding languages video game console

Mobile support and work on every screen

For virtual learning, we made it so easy to code from any tool you have. Code from your phone, Chromebook, iPad, MacBook Pro; Replit works everywhere.
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Replit on mobile

Assign projects to individuals and groups

Create fun and compelling projects for students to learn by building. Teach collaboration with group projects.
group project submissions modal

Native graphics support

Graphics and game frameworks like PyGame or LOVE2D
Replit not only supports popular game frameworks, but also anything that would want to render to native graphics drivers like Python’s matplotlib.
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Engage your students with a wide community of builders

Replit community provides a friendly environment to share your work, ask questions and give each other feedback.
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Pete Graham

Pete Graham

CS teacher at Falkirk Council
I have been using teams with my 9 Higher pupils this week and it is a game changer - especially when remote coding. The ability to drop in and out of their projects is a game changer. I have also bought my own personal sub to be able to keep projects private.
Michele Lombardi

Michele Lombardi

CS teacher at The Ellis School
It. Will. Change. Your. Life. Teams allows you to create a repl, automatically forks it for each student or group, and you never lose access. In breakout rooms or the classroom, I can see what each kid/group is working on in real time and pop in when I need to.
Toni Scullion

Toni Scullion

CS teacher at St. Kentigern's Academy
Absolute game changer for coding. Supports so many languages, easy to use. My favourite feature is multiplayer option! My must have tool for coding.
robot with many arms
Case Study

Teachers give students coding superpowers with Replit

Learn more about how teachers are using Teams for Education in our case study!

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Unlimited teams with:
Unlimited Teachers & Students
Projects & Submissions
Autograded Input/Output Tests
Group Projects
Feedback & Annotations
More Speed & Storage
Better Graphics Performance
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