lilykhan (753)
Login page design
# A Design of login with Replit page. It's just a simple responsive Design, It has no back-end. It's made with pure Css! Run the repl to see it live...
EthanBlesch (25)
Three button run! an arcade-style endless runner!
This is Three Button Run. an arcade game made with Javascript and the HTML5 canvas, with a touch of node.js and AJAX for online high scores! enjoy!
ExplosionScratc (351)
Search engine with quick results and a nice design!
# Search engine! I shamelessly made a search engine called "google". It gets search results from my [api](https://apis.explosionscratc.repl.co) and sh...
FloCal35 (614)
May the 4th project - BattleCenter
![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1616973685584_c41281c89cf0e8e65dfb6dbc83b6a188.png) # and welcome to Star Wars: Battle Center! ~...
ruiwenge2 (189)
Battle Game Made With Python
You can choose your own character to battle the computer's character. **Important: Please answer with the correct case or it won't understand you.**...
CatR3kd (547)
DeepAI Demo - Play with GPT2 text generation!
# hemlo ## Yo guys I found out that DeepAI's GPT2 algorithm is publicly available?! Anyways, I built a little app to play with the text completion/ge...
LeviathanCoding (854)
Prototron - A First Person Shooter with Combat, Physics, and More.
With your trusty stash of weapons in hand, blast your way through ten levels whether by plain parkour, your sniper skills, or both. There are two typ...
LeviathanCoding (854)
Orbitron Tower Defense: The fastest and best game on Replit GARUNTEED
Battle over forty enemies with 50+ towers in an alien planet. Orbitron TD is something you will get addicted to in seconds. It seemed like my previo...
MadMath123 (271)
Hello guys! I've made a new game, called Cubi. The game is about... well, I'll let you find out for yourself. The controls are arrow keys and WASD, an...
cjmatthy09 (39)
Abrid: A working operating system that... works I guess
This is an OS that I have been working on with the original source from GitHub at HOS-x86, and I have been modifying and making it better. Fork the li...
RayhanADev (2050)
ReplFiles! ~ Fetch ANY File from a Public Repl
Hiya! It's Ray. Here's # **ReplFiles!** *Fetch ANY File from a Public Repl* **Check out the API [here](https://replfiles.rayhanadev.repl.co/)** **Qu...
hellowrld21 (10)
Happy Global Password Day!
# Overview Hey everyone this is my first post! It happens to be global password day today so I thought I would post a very simple password generator....
NoahRoopull (13)
A little typing library I made
It's pretty self explanatory, it types.
FuriousTsunami (190)
In this platformer game, you are a water droplet trying to escape a volcano. You have hydration, which is like lives. There is lava and monsters every...
dnilem26 (5)
Simple Sorting
This website sorts words alphabetically If you have any suggestions please comment your idea
Coder100 (17407)
Easy Web Database
# JSONSTORE2 Have you wanted to make something without a server? Relying on a database? You used to be able to do just that using jsonstore.io, but be...
LeviathanCoding (854)
Calamity: An RPG like never before
Battle your way through ranks of the toughest aliens, fufill quests, and try your best to save the planet. Equip armor, wield tons of amazing weapons...
PYer (3975)
🛒 Grocery Run 🧻
*The 380th and deadliest wave yet of covid-19. The entire world is in full quarantine - yet, you are out of toilet paper...* In this deadly situation...
bluewolfgh (215)
Todo App
I decided to create my own task manager with a modern and front-end design. The tasks you put on it will not get deleted when you reload the page, and...
Tayden9918 (6)
My goblin game this was the first thing I made a long time ago
RhinoRunner (860)
How long would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
Have you ever wondered how long you would have survived in a zombie apocalypse? Well now you don't have to wonder! Take this 10-question quiz to find...
RippKing (2)
Text based Dungeon Crawler
Heyy I just finished the second level of my text based game "Dungeons and Legends" hope you enjoy and let me know what you think :D
RayhanADev (2050)
Presenting... 🟠 Rolling Forests! 🌳 | Awesome 3D Infinite Runner
**Warning: You will experience infinite fun times ahead!!!** Hiya! This is an awesome little 3D runner game I made, drawing some inspiration from gam...
EpicCodeWizard (9)
Replit User API
# Replit User API ## Method ![image](https://miro.medium.com/max/1000/1*RHQ7lpGDV_M3yWRa9DiR2g.png) Using a small part of @mat1's repltalk library,...
tussiez (1560)
3D Vehicle Physics Game!
# 3D Car Physics Demo Yet another physics demo.. I wanted to try writing a working 3D physics-based game, and this is as far as I got. Currently wo...
EdwardBentler (11)
[Game] Hectic Highway
# Hectic Highway Welcome to my new game, Hectic Highway. This is the second game I've posted and I made this entirely with PIXI.js. The goal of the ga...
Coder100 (17407)
[ GAME ] Snake but you are the food
# Snake 3!! So you have been the [snake](https://replit.com/talk/share/GAME-3D-Snek/112303), the [tree spawner](https://replit.com/talk/share/SNEK-AI/...
JWZ6 (382)
Texture Maker - Super Satisfying
Check out my new texture maker! It is relatively simple, but satisfying! Try it! Click Multiple Times For The Stuff To Pop Out And Amaze You :) -J...
Kizuo (28)
Have you ever wanted to write down something and then copy and paste it to a network? Use SuperType!
IMayBeMe (386)
Word Bank (How many words can we get?)
# Word Bank So pretty much this is a word bank I made in `flask` in which users can submit words into the database. This was definitely fun to make a...