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    Intro to Ghostwriter

    20 minutes per day
    Beginner friendly
    Ghostwriter is your partner in code. Discover everything you wanted to know about using it to make your programming faster, better and more fun. Once you go Ghostwriter you won't go back.
    Learn to use Ghostwriter for code that is faster, better and more fun

    What you'll learn

    • Complete Code

      You'll learn to use Ghostwriter to automagically complete the code you're working on!

    • Explain Code

      You'll never have to tut at the lack of comments on someone else's code again, explain code does the heavy lifting for you!

    • Transform Code

      Completely refactor code in multiple ways. Used iteration but you'd prefer recursion - let Ghostwriter work its spooky magic

    Course projects

    • Explain Code

      David flexes his fingers magically ready to show you the explain code function
      Smashing through a backlog of projects to find a subroutine you don't understand or new code you've never seen? Explain Code gives a plain-English summary of what the code actually does.You'll build this on Day 2!
    • Transform Code

      David demoing transform code converting his old-style javascript into modern, beautiful javascript
      Looking to modernize an older bit of code, convert from one language to another, or even flip between iteration and recursion? Transform Code is one thing you can't be without.You'll build this on Day 3!
    • Generate Code

      David is showing a graph produced, automatically, by Ghostwriter with a prompt. Something that would normally take a good few minutes to code manually.
      Need to add boilerplate code, construct a web server, build a complete GUI or experiment with new APIs? With Generate Code, create complete programs with a simple prompt. You'll build this on Day 4!

    About this course

    • About the teacher

      David, the baldest man you have ever seen, looking like he can't wait to get to teaching you!
      Fresh off the back of 100 Days of Code, David's here to show you how to make your life easier with Ghostwriter. He loves it. Seriously, we're concerned.
    • About Replit

      Replit command line prompt logo
      Replit is the easiest and fastest way to get coding in seconds. We strive to give you computing superpowers!You can learn to code in any language, freely and instantly host your websites and apps, collaborate with others in multiplayer - all this without spending a second on set-up.

    Course preview

    Interested in AI programming? Ghostwriter is your partner in code to complete, explain, transform & generate code. Complete Code will enhance your day-to-day coding experience.
    20 mins
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    Programming languages

    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • Node.js
    • Nix
    • HTML, CSS, JS
    • C++
    • Golang