BrianPadgett (1)
here you are free to talk about almost anything you want. all you have to do is comply with the rules and respect any decision me, an admin, or a mod...
sahil1234 (0)
Whenever in django I click run it notifies me that 'Package operation failed'.
Whenever in django I click run it notifies me that 'Package operation failed'. Please help me with this.Suggest me what should i do???
BenHarris4 (16)
I need help making a api bot I might need the basics of a api bot on python
I'm working on a project and I have everything for the bot like a server and and a database but I can't make the api, there isn't that many open sourc...
Phindile (0)
Assistance needed here is there any error or fault in my program that you can see.
var committedHours = prompt('How many hours do you commit to coding this week?') var completedHours = prompt('How many hours have you coded so far?')...
Chipzcodezs (3)
who wants to join
Who wants to join my team? we need 6 more people. Link below: first person to join gets 5 cycles
Doraemon420 (0)
Please help me to solve this code
please help to solve i want to use all of my variables in uppercase letter by using "foreach loop" but there is showing error. Code is down below:...
owenerz (0)
Hi all. I keep getting errors here even though I think I've done everything correctly. Can someone help? Thanks a mil
simpleIdiot (1)
How do I disable version control?
How do I disable version control?
duck132912 (210)
My is broken, i can only pin 3 out of 5 repls to my account page
![Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 11.37.08 AM](
DanielBiersack (0)
Is Selenium still not Working in 2020?
I read a lot of posts where is talked about selenium- chrome driver integration. Did this happen? How can I work with this driver?
TristinKeenan (0)
Does anybody have any clue on what to do for a 'camera' in game that move with the player, as well as the player having a 360 degree view, and can mov...
KadenBosustow (3)
mgz dislike button clicker
the dislike button img is broken in trying to fix it but at the moment just click the little picture file
DSAYamu (8)
I am having trouble doing line 90. Could someone help plz?
I'm trying to make it say "What is the name of the kingdom ___ is in?" *name is the character's name
siliver (0)
What is Return Statement.
Guys what is Return Statement using for?
PriyankaSingh11 (28)
Hi everyone my school said me to make dis i understood everything and am correct with most of code but i am unable to add picture i entered correct fi...
Basar (0)
Let's Check Leap Year
I'm Hazrat Osman Basar, a student of class 6 from Chapainawabganj.
mhs_mhs123 (14)
Total cost shows up as $0 in my js restaurant demo. Why?
Hey everyone, I am a new python and js dev and I'm trying to learn the syntax for both these languages. I'm currently working on a restaurant demo in...
MiscPractice (0) keeps logging me out keeps logging me out!!! users, could you help me?? Please?? Help me, keeps logging me out!!
BatuhanBatuhan (3)
Methods with same signature in Java (different return type)
Hello, I have a Java assignment. I am supposed to make a class with two "Multiply" methods one returns the result and the other returns void and modi...
kaushikchoudhur (0)
Hey its been 2 months for me studying python and i am well familar with the basic and have done some modules and tutorials on many modules but doing t...
How do you create a new file in repl?
How do you create a new file in repl?
Error that needs fixing
Ok, so there’s this error that appeared when I tried opening my repl in a new tab. It said “Preflight response is not successful”. Anyone have a fix?
kwamenadee (0)
Please what can i do to run this?
I'm making a login system and I can't run it. :( ```py from tkinter import* from tkinter import messagebox from PIL import ImageTk class Login_System...
DuncDuncan (0)
wav audio files not being recognised, found or played
I have generated some wav files with python in the shell. But they are not being recognised or played by html. On inspection in google chrome, the wav...
amitco2468 (0)
Are make me if I run "node index.js' working 24/7?
Are make me if I run "node index.js' working 24/7?
how do i get developer on my chroembook its not leting me please help???
please i need help so i can download this extention
PatrickTong1 (0)
Download As Zip does not download all files.
Hi, I've seen some others post similar questions to this but there doesn't seem to be much of an answer. I have a piece of code that generates some H...
Rock, paper, scissors
A simple game of rock, paper, scissors I made, nothing too special. Pretty simple, but I thought it would be fun to make. Uses pychalk for those **_fa...
CoolJames1610 (716)
Teams in repl
If you go to there is a new option called `teams` OOOOOO :D repl team, what is this for?
javamemerbruh (0)
How do i get the repl to work?
Yesterday, when i typed something in my repl(Java), the repl gave me some suggestions about what i wanted to type, so i basically, write less, code mo...