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    Guides and Tutorials
    DocumentationA complete guide to Replit
    100 Days of CodeThe Complete Python Course.
    Intro to PostgreSQLAccess all the power of a modern, serverless relational database management system in a couple clicks.
    Intro to JavaScriptThe basics of JavaScript, an essential language for web development.
    Intro to GhostwriterCode better and faster with the help of Ghostwriter AI.
    Unlock the Power of LLMsBuild your foundational skills in Natural Language Processing with GPT and Python.
    Python #88: Authenticate FinesseProperly using authentication to detect individual users using Repl Auth.
    Python #94: API MashupCombine data from NewsAPI and OpenAI to have AI based summaries of the current news.
    Python #95: Daily Track GeneratorCreate a Spotify app that picks tracks based on today's news.
    Python #97: Summarise AnythingBuild an AI Powered article summariser, give it anything get a summary.
    PythonHTML, CSS, JSReact JavaScriptOpenAI iconOpenAI Python GPT-4Create custom Repl

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