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Courses, Tutorials and lessons.

Coding Courses

Take a deep dive into a new technology
cover image for the 100 Days of Code - The Complete Python Course course
100 Days of Code - The Complete Python CourseIn this course, you will build games, apps, and websites by mastering Python programming. Start the course to build 100 projects in 100 days.
15 minutes per day
Beginner friendly
cover image for the 100 Days of Code (Hindi) - Python Course course
100 Days of Code (Hindi) - Python CourseLearn Python in 100 Days with CodeWithHarry!
Taught in Hindi
Beginner friendly
cover image for the Intro to Ghostwriter course
Intro to GhostwriterGhostwriter is your partner in code. Discover everything you wanted to know about using it to make your programming faster, better and more fun. Once you go Ghostwriter you won't go back.
20 minutes per day
Beginner friendly
cover image for the Intro to Power Ups course
Intro to Power UpsThere's more to Replit than what you get in a default Repl. Power Ups allow you to boost the CPU and RAM, go always on, or even make your source code private!
20 minutes per day
Beginner friendly
cover image for the Intro to PostgreSQL course
Intro to PostgreSQLNow you can add a super-effective PostgreSQL database directly from within a Repl! Have access to all the power of a modern, serverless relational database management system with just a couple of clicks… and this course.
15 minutes per day


Discover how to host your app with Replit Deplotments.
cover image for the Deploy Your Project on Replit course
Deploy Your Project on ReplitReplit Deployments is the quickest way from idea to production, let's see just how easy it is to deploy a fully hosted web app on Replit.
cover image for the Connecting Custom Domains course
Connecting Custom DomainsNothing looks more professional for your startup than using an actual, custom URL to accept your web traffic. In this tutorial, we take a whistle-stop tour of linking your custom domain to your Repl deployment and Dev environment.
cover image for the Autoscale Deployments + AI Meeting Bot course
Autoscale Deployments + AI Meeting BotAutoscale Deployments allow you to scale your Web Apps from zero to many, and allows you to host your app in an affordable way that can scale up if you go viral. In this video we'll use AssemblyAI to build a web app that processes meeting recordings, and generates action items, summaries and transcripts.
cover image for the Static Deployments + Business Landing Page course
Static Deployments + Business Landing PageStatic Deployments allows you to host your website or other static content easily and reliably with Replit. In this video we'll take an example Business landing page (that you can customise) and push it out for all the world to see using our Static Deployments.
cover image for the Reserved VM Deployments + AI Slackbots course
Reserved VM Deployments + AI SlackbotsReserved VMs are a type of deployment that give you an entire virtual machine in the cloud to run your app, this is ideal for situations that require logging or consistent live access, such as building APIs and Slackbots. In this video we'll take a look at the difference running a slackbot on a reserved VM makes.

Coding Lessons

Level up your coding skills with interactive lessons inside your code editor.

Remix a Project

Start from a project, learn by messing around and playing.
  1. Wordle Remix
    Wordle RemixMake your own variation of Wordle in JavaScript!
  2. Kaboom Platformer Remix
    Kaboom Platformer RemixA platformer game made in Kaboom.js. Try customize the levels, add new levels, even add new mechanics!
  3. Python Type
    Python TypePython Type is a beautiful typing test for coders
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Mark's Training Program

An interactive intro to programming tutorial, taught by Mark himself.
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