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    100 Days of Code (Hindi) - Python Course

    30 minutes everyday
    Beginner friendly
    Learn Python in 100 Days with CodeWithHarry!
    Pink, green, and blue keyboard key caps labeled with 100

    What you'll learn

    • Programming 101

      Build a solid foundation and learn about the building blocks of modern technology.

    • Python

      Become a master of one of the most popular and in-demand coding languages. Learn more about Python

    • How to build things

      Jump right into building fun and useful projects. Build a strong portfolio of work that you’re proud of!

    Course projects

    • Some Amazing Python Programs - The Power of Python | Python Tutorial - Day #2

      A brain connected to red, green, and blue tubes. It looks like it's charging!
      CWH will show you some of the most amazing programs that he has created!You'll build this on Day 2!
    • Modules and Pip | Python Tutorial - Day #3

      A chain circle made of thick blue links on a green and pink background.
      Today we will see what modules are, how package management is done in python and how to use pip to install a package in python.You'll build this on Day 3!
    • Our First Python Program | Python Tutorial - Day #4

      A scroll containing vivid green and pink text and image elements, like a web page
      Today, we will learn to write our first Python program!You'll build this on Day 4!

    Join a fun and supportive community

    • About the teacher

      CodeWithHarry is India's best coding teacher. Join his bootcamp on Replit to learn Python in 100 days in Hindi!
    • About Replit

      Replit command line prompt logo
      Replit is the easiest and fastest way to get coding in seconds. We strive to give you computing superpowers!You can learn to code in any language, freely and instantly host your websites and apps, collaborate with others in multiplayer - all this without spending a second on set-up.

    Course preview

    Join CodeWithHarry as he takes you through day 1 on the Python journey!
    10 mins
    Welcome to 100 Days of Code!

    What is 100 Days of Code?

    Image with floating key caps and the Replit 100 Days of Code logo

    Join a global movement

    100 Days of Code is a social project where people around the world commit to learning how to code for 100 days. Consistency is the first step on the path to greatness!After coding for a few minutes every day, you can share your progress and what you’ve learned on Twitter, Discord, or any social media you choose. Replit is joining many online educators in the movement of supporting #ReplitHindi100DaysOfCode.
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    Programming languages

    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • Node.js
    • Nix
    • HTML, CSS, JS
    • C++
    • Golang