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Announcing Ghostwriter Chat
published an Update
3 hours ago
Combat Craft
Combat CraftCombat Craft is a spin on the classic clicker game, where you hold down enter to gain a certain currency. In combat clicker you can do that, plus battle enemies! You can also unlock achievements, armor and more coming soon! v 1.1 more updates coming soon! please read for how to play to find the, click on show code, then select the file titled "" HUGE thanks to @OverdriveReplit for helping me with the game (we put in ~20 hrs between the both of us) If you find any bugs please comment them! I am trying to make this game as clean as possible!
Fixed shop
yeah uh shop was completely broken lol
@IRONCL4D-playing yea lol3 hours ago
published an Update
3 months ago
FarcoreFarcore is an open world rpg game made in pure python. It is published on replit and will recieve frequent updates. The game contains battle system, magic & spell system, 12 areas, 7 bosses, 37 weapons, 11 shields, 10 spells, 86 items (including weapons, shields), 30 enemies, replit database save system, 5 classes with different abilities, shops, forge, inventory system, cups minigame, potions, fuseable items, and more! Join the DISCORD -> This is my 3rd attempt at make the best text adventure rpg game. Let me know how I did! Please consider dropping a ❤️ Or tipping some 🌀 (Gives you perks in sever) I worked really hard it and helps a lot If you're having trouble look at the in the files or join the DISCORD BTW: Can you collect all the trophies? v1.0 (Stable)
New area in FROZITE called "sunken graveyard" Fight or talk to ghosts Gain treasure or the rare drops
published an Update
2 months ago
Labyrinth of Azula
Labyrinth of AzulaA text-based RPG, where you navigate through 5 mazes to find a hidden treasure. You must overcome strong enemies and bosses using your upgraded weapons and items to help. Meet other travellers within the maze or perhaps find other strange creatures, which lurk in the shadows of the maze. You may find a cave where you can mine ore and could even fight a dragon. This Labyrinth is full of surprises, so why not go and explore for yourself. As it's by two amateur coders, you may possibly experience a few bugs and if so comment what they are so we can fix them (It's properly in combat). If you dare look at the code, I'm sorry. It's probably the most inefficient code you will ever see, again we are still new. Also, anything you think would make it better, comment on it too. Anyway enjoy the game as it took like a month to make, so enjoy , or else ᕙ( ︡’︡益’︠)ง
Update 2.0 ( Balance changes, wands added, Major bugs fixed, and Npcs reworked)
Ight Boom. Changes: New magical weapons( wand, phoenix wand and elder wand ) Money drops increased ( e.g. coin is 10T instead of 1T) Yargon sells all the ores. Ur welcome Npc spawn rate increased a lil in the 3rd maze. Ur welcome Peritus reworked - Now has a shop that sells luck items and sacred sweat. He also has a new training option to reset your stats so you can re-distribute them as you please (500T tho). Ur welcome ebar bug fixed so you can now get past Friedrich without an error. UR WELCOME Lingering items FIXED (eg, luck effect, repel effect, attract effect). UR WELCOME MORE SPELLS ADDED. UR WELLCCCOOOMMMEEE Reduced healing effect on minibosses. guess what. UR WELCOME More stuff coming later to make it easier for u BABIES @linjerry688 YOU HAPPY NOW?
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