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Machine Learning Hackathon Ends
Sat Feb 11 2023
Replit 101 Coding Helpline
Wed Feb 15 2023
Machine Learning Hackathon Closing Ceremony
Wed Feb 15 2023
Explore the Community Hub
Explore the Community Hub
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published an Update
2 months ago
Quick Neural Network
Quick Neural NetworkHelps machine learning students understand an advanced topic and this code can be copied and implemented into anything you want! -Includes genetic algorithm to enhance network -Includes population creating -SCALABLE!
CHANGES (ver 1.2)
Performance increase Mutations add more fitness leading to a smarter network Readability improvements Fixed all warnings PLEASE LIKE IF YOU THINK ITS COOL
published a Repl
1 month ago
ML: Number Identifier
ML: Number IdentifierYou will be prompted to choose how much the model will train for. A window will pop up, allowing you to draw a number from 0-9 in a 28x28 pixel grid. Once you are done, the model will attempt to identify the number you have chosen and give you the option to see its confidence values for the probability that it was another number or to continue and draw another number.
Sorry, Tkinter is bugging, you may need to fork the program and run it in your own Repl.1 month ago
published a Repl
13 days ago
Model Auto UI
Model Auto UIModel Auto UI (modui) is a Python library that builds a Web UI page from a configuration via type inspection. It automatically updates the configuration whenever the corresponding UI widget is updated by the user. It then calls back to the specified user function whenever the Submit button on the generated page is clicked. The generated Web UI can be launched locally via a local web server or hosted temporarily in a public URL (handy for when it's run from a repl). It can be used to locally test an ML model in Python, or to demo them to an interested party. Under the hood, it leverages Gradio for UI construction and web server integration. More details in
You'll see nothing in the output screen when pressing the "Run" button here b/c it only shows the Output window and not the Console window by default. If anyone knows how to configure the repl cover to show the Console window, let me know. So, for now just fork the repl and try it out for yourself. Or if you just wanted to quickly check it out, click "Show files" and read the file.12 days ago