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Machine Learning Hackathon Ends
Sat Feb 11 2023
Replit 101 Coding Helpline
Wed Feb 15 2023
Machine Learning Hackathon Closing Ceremony
Wed Feb 15 2023
Explore the Community Hub
Explore the Community Hub
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published an Update
3 months ago
Welcome to School! (Version 2.3!)
Welcome to School! (Version 2.3!)Made by @coolcollin14 and @Cookie22309 (Cool-Kid-Club) Ever wish you could just ditch school? Beat up that one annoying kid? Fight an orangutan? Well, now you can do all of that in this new text-based school simulator! Make the decisions YOU want to make (and suffer the consequences). Features: *A wide cast of crazy teachers and annoying classmates! *Hundreds of choices to make, all affecting the outcome of your adventure! *Different enemies to fight, with different weapons to clobber them with! *A global leaderboard! Try to get the best score by achieving one of the 7 good endings!
Saved data is now PERMANENT!!!!!
I finally decided to take the time to create a global database for saved data! Players can now permanently save their data, that can be accessed wherever and whenever, as long as they're signed in on replit. The only way your save data can be lost is once you get a good ending, which will reset all your data. I decided to add this feature to prevent someone from getting on the leaderboard, and then easily doing it 4 more times by loading their data from day 14. Anyways, I hope the database runs smoothly once everyone starts getting added to it. Let me know in the comments if anything buggy or laggy happens! As always thanks for all the support!
@coolcollin14 YAY!3 months ago
published a Repl
2 months ago
monkey-dietThis asks you how many bananas your monkey has eaten and then tells you the consequences...
Be sure to comment on what you got!1 month ago