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30 days ago
Jurassic Park platformer for Replit(READ DESC)
Jurassic Park platformer for Replit(READ DESC)Controls: Use the arrow keys to move and jump the player, and use the space bar to use the projectile. Your goal is to defeat all of the dinosaurs in the area so that you can get to and beat the Trex, the main bad guy. You can choose between 3 characters. Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm. And please do not start a Trex vs Spino war in the comment section. Feel free to comment your opinion, but don't be toxic. The reason the rex is stronger in this game is because of the following reasons: This is Rexy, who is confirmed to be bigger and stronger than the JP3 Trex. The CC Spino is bigger now, but Big Eatie, a smaller Trex, managed to beat him and flip him over. And according to the JWFK novel, Rexy is strongest predator alive prior to the Giga. And this game is not meant to be canon in any way. Credits mainly go to Universal.
Arrows are super laggy After I jump i cant move for 15 seconds11 days ago
If people are experiencing lag or the game is not loading for you, here are a few things to know/try: Do not play my games on a Chromebook/MacBook. They don't work for some reason. The best computer to use while playing is a Windows 10. Check your wifi. Replit will as a whole not work if your wifi is down. Clear your cookies. Too many of them can cause your computer to run slowly. 10 days ago