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Streamlit Template

Online Compiler & IDE

Basic streamlit Repl setup for testing and deployments.

Repls using this template

This Will Recommend Movie
revisor mangas
revisor mangasrevisa los últimos mangas que han salido en manganato
SpoonFeedAnalyze post and comments from Reddit related to searched term And organize them as a knowledge graph.
StratGPTThis python agent utilizes GPT-4 and Microsoft's Guidance framework to help you attain your goals. You give the agent a task, and it generates multiple (3) strategies. The agent evaluates each one on a basic level, considering the pros and cons of each strategy, and then suggests the most effective way forward. For further clarity, it expands on the selected strategy. With simple tweaks you can increase the number of generated strategies for each run. Or rewrite various stages of the Guidance program controlling the agent's "chain of thought process". Interested in autonomous agents? Check out BabyAGI-Chrome:

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