katyadee (1273)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
TheDrone7 (1776)
Monthly Repls - March 2021
Hi again replers! Here are this month's **MONTHLY REPLS**! For those who do not know what these are, these are the repl talk posts that were made duri...
TheDrone7 (1776)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** Welcome! The Replit community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to...
PYer (3828)
🛒 Grocery Run 🧻
*The 380th and deadliest wave yet of covid-19. The entire world is in full quarantine - yet, you are out of toilet paper...* In this deadly situation...
LeviathanCoding (299)
Calamity: An RPG like never before
Battle your way through ranks of the toughest aliens, fufill quests, and try your best to save the planet. Equip armor, wield tons of amazing weapons...
JWZ6 (240)
A Little Text Editor I Created
It is **cool** ngl. For the _font-size_ part, enter a number and the text will become that number + px. Cool right? Edit: If you want to **LEARN** so...
RhinoRunner (804)
How long would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
Have you ever wondered how long you would have survived in a zombie apocalypse? Well now you don't have to wonder! Take this 10-question quiz to find...
IGamer123 (44)
Apple Store
Hey! You all know apple, the very famous very expensive company. I made a apple store using @TheDrone7 Bootstrap template. Check out apple's products...
Coder100 (17038)
[ GAME ] Snake but you are the food
# Snake 3!! So you have been the [snake](https://replit.com/talk/share/GAME-3D-Snek/112303), the [tree spawner](https://replit.com/talk/share/SNEK-AI/...
RayhanADev (1940)
Presenting... 🟠 Rolling Forests! 🌳 | Awesome 3D Infinite Runner
**Warning: You will experience infinite fun times ahead!!!** Hiya! This is an awesome little 3D runner game I made, drawing some inspiration from gam...
LegendaryWolf (694)
A very Cool button with waving colors and neon light effect!
A very Cool button with waving colors and a neon light effect! comment any changes I can make to this cool button and yes, @CaptinNeo said to make...
PYer (3828)
Grocery Run - Level Maker
Glad to see that many people are enjoying my game. One of my wishes when I posted it was that people would create their own levels and share it with o...
VulcanWM (2341)
# ReplToday ReplToday is a place where you can share what you've done in Replit everyday so all your fans can see what you have done. Mods are @igosa...
tussiez (1518)
3D Vehicle Physics Game!
# 3D Car Physics Demo Yet another physics demo.. I wanted to try writing a working 3D physics-based game, and this is as far as I got. Currently wo...
PYer (3828)
GroceryRun - Community Levels
Hello everybody! I've received a few levels from other people, through the [GroceryRun Level Maker](https://replit.com/talk/share/Grocery-Run-Level-Ma...
OldWizard209 (1101)
🎇JavaScript Crash Course 🎇 [1000 Lines]
# JavaScript Tutorial __Welcome__ to this complete [JavaScript](https://www.javascript.com/) tutorial, enough to get you kickstarted into learning th...
tussiez (1518)
SortaBomber - Explosion Physics
# SortaBomber Blow up stuff. This is my replica of Roblox's "welds" system. This groups static objects together, e.g buildings, but when hit above a...
lilykhan (665)
Happy Birthday, Apoorv!!✨
## Happy Birthday!🎉 Wish you the best of luck for your future. I hope your special day will bring lots of happiness to your life. Always be happy an...
RolandJLevy (1052)
🍃 [GAME] interactive wave pattern maker 🍃
# WAVE-POOL SIMULATOR 🌊 A fun CSS animation experiment which started with just one spinning Conic Gradient circle and developed from getting more an...
CodingCactus (4189)
ReplTalk Gem
Hi replers! Today I present you with a super duper easy way to interact with repltalk using code. Using none of that horrible web scraping or anyt...
IMayBeMe (346)
Word Bank (How many words can we get?)
# Word Bank So pretty much this is a word bank I made in `flask` in which users can submit words into the database. This was definitely fun to make a...
JBloves27 (1719)
Glitch Studios - A jam studios! - awesome poggers :0
# Glitch Studios! ##### An unofficial jam studios presented by @JBYT27 ##### Made by @JBYT27, @ch1ck3n, @darkdarcool, and @RayhanADev --- ## About...
AstrumDeorum (57)
Astrum's Cookie Clicker Update! The Patch Patch!
**This will be the last changelog in replit feed** For updates on what's new, check the changelog section of Astrum's Cookie Clicker. Added Changelog...
LorenzoCampos (579)
💥Bullet Hell💥
**Unicode character based** so it runs 'well' on repl. Probably one of the last in my series of Unicode games. This one is a fun one I think..? [Here...
RoBlockHead (431)
Sign the Petition and Help us Unblock Replit!
## [Click here to sign the petition](https://change.org/unblock-replit) #### Please share it! [https://change.org/unblock-replit](https://change.org/u...
CoolCoderSJ (507)
Have you ever wanted to add a tiny badge to your website? Or perhaps wanted to add a copyright symbol telling users who made the website without a ful...
AstrumDeorum (57)
Cookie Clicker Update! The News Patch! Special Changelog!
ADDED THE NEWS TICKER! --To suggest a headline for the Ticker, comment with the format: ``` What's the News: [Your Headline Here] ``` **All Suggestion...
Dunce (50)
Text Editor
Hello, this is a text editor I created. Your notes are saved in local storage, I think the rest is pretty self explanatory.
ch1ck3n (1622)
my first dogescript program
whazzup poggers as we all know, [dogescript](http://dogescript.io/) is the best language to ever exist! but, sadly, ~~replit has been too dumb to no...
gearDev (48)
Copper, a open source programming language
I've always wanted to create my own programming language, so I started making one! This language is called copper because I like steampunk-themed stuf...
RolandJLevy (1052)
🥑 Hypnotic avocados 🥑
Look, no JavaScript - it's all done with CSS! This is what happens when you're stuck at home because of lockdown - something strange like this appear...
SeamusDonahue (439)
python: I made a game I guess
I'm not really sure what to call this. this is a game where you push boxes to goals, but with a sorta pseudo story. wasd to move. walk into boxes to...
JWZ6 (240)
A Repler Finder
This finds replers for you. Don't use `@` when typing the username. Tis thing werks! :) Btw, example: If u type JWZ6, u get my profile. Werks for e...