PeacefulPotato (5)
COW Emulator
Now you can program in the #1 programming language for bovines! To use this, go to "main.cow" and type your code there. Emulator file was taken from...
CSharpIsGud (924)
C++ HTTP Template
This is basically a repost over from share but this seems like it fits nicely as a template. C++ will definitely need some templates if it is not to...
programmeruser (575)
FLTK (C++ GUI library) Template
After several months I've finally gotten a GUI library to work on The library that is used in the repl below is [FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit)](h...
AnthonyMouse (80)
99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall - C++ Version
# 99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall ### C++ Version I have recreated (with the collaboration of the [Codecademy For Loop Course](
7outofBLIP (4)
My language/library!!!
A language/library I made with C++. I am currently working on it, I just thought I'd share what I have. Please give feedback. Please.
Minelma (0)
Simple Calculator Template
This template is for C ++ beginners. Here, after entering the x and y values, you can choose your operation. I did it using the Switch - Case structur...
JaydenSavarinat (14)
C++ Form Template
# This form template can create, access, and delete data all controlled by you. # Menu `1. Input Data` `2. Access Data` `3. Delete Data`