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create log msg
creating a log msg with map & sb
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So.. Pandawolfs is a private place to talk to people!
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Mòdul M03B1 Exercici 10: Estructures de repetició II
AryyanVineeth (12)
Math machine!
Hey guys! This is a math machine you can use as a calculator! Please give this a good reply. Thanks!
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uptime monitor
log synchronized and cleaned, right https port, use IP instead of domain
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Math stuff
Hsbdgshhsbshhcbbcnc fhgsgsbdhbsgxghdhjsbd djcndheybdjehdbdhsbdjfgfnfjyej djdhrbscisbdhdni djdjdhdhcgcgchxksidhdbdgfhfivhdfdhcgividhrhdhfkfjchxgdhdhdjd...
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My project! (Project 6 arrays)
I did it! (I need to put more character in this, it says that I need a minimum of fifty characters :)
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Control 1
control 1 lenguajes de programacion
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Vibe Check
You enter your name and this repl tells you wether you passed the vibe check or not!
NiclasSchu (1)
Help me (German)
Primzahltest funktioniert nicht, es kommt immer das selbe raus.
nilshermannwagn (1)
help pls
i dont know why i have errors
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Period 5 Landon Locklin
This is a class Baning Project for Java. Enjoy Landon Locklin,
Ninaah (1)
nana time
BenjaminMazzaro (0)
Date Time and Timezone Example
Shows how to utilise the java 8 Time package to compare date time values in UTC
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Test term2 studying
Gogga bug work Moving gogga bug while also making a square
ashtonmuirhead (1)
this is my first project
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Even Odd Frequency Count
Code Newbie Here to learn,share and explore.
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Add Network
If you want to be updated on my latest posts and activity sign in and I will send news to your email.
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Mi primer juego
Este es mi primer juego, esta desarrollado con java. Dura aproximadamente 1 minuto de juego.
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Project 2 Choose Your Adventure: Old Man With Enormous Wings
My project 2 choose your own adventure game based on the story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
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WIP: Nector blogger feature module
WIP: Nector blogger feature module
Demo showing off the power of rock paper scissors. I really like this because the different items can be customized.
Aaron1441 (0)
Program to learn about Logic Gates
MadhusmitaMishr (0)
I complete my task. In Geekyant for the role of QA fresher first round of interview.
Cash Register
The user can keep entering values, and program will add those values together, reporting the new total each time
Triangle Calculations
Calculate the area,side lengths,angles and perimeter of a triangle using 3 coordinate points
Dice Game
Three six-sided dice are rolled on which the type of hand determines if the player gets a point, reroll, auto win, or auto lose. Play against the comp...
EpicGamer007 (1642)
ExpressJS but its java || JShort
# JShort I am sure many of you have heard of expressjs. The majority of people who I know knows js have probably used it. I know I have. And I also k...
Harshada2 (0)
Program Third
Program to print the sum of the digits in the integer.