My chatbot
It was very hard to make but I did it
ColtonPitsch (1)
a simple countdown written in python
dariohimo (0)
Hola aca puede realizar calculos de la ley de Ohm.
CursorsDev (729)
multi-player shooter game owo
# mobile support added yay congrats to me and everyone who has supported me cuz thanks to you i have made my first multi-player game with express and...
robertbaradas (0)
RB Christmas Trivia
You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen But do you recall The most famous reindeer of all? Rudolph the...
JarodL (18)
A dictionary
I don't know if this has been done before, while it probably has, just thought I'd share this. It gives the meaning of the word, synonyms, antonyms, a...
KiamaM (0)
KiamaM starting . Please help because i am not able to execute the codes. Not sure what i am doing wrong. Thanks
FECW (1)
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FECW (1)
a a a a a a a a
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DennisKraft (0)
final exam program
my program that finds the area of a square rectangle and a circle
deanmon (0)
You are a cat talking to a cat. (update) Our team over at SpaceLaserBeamKittens just released [MEOW MEOWS 2](
shivendrarox (1)
All bugs fixed, meets standard requirements.
LeviBernard (3)
Wow, this is a thing I did for computer science yay.
AbrahamPaniagua (0)
clean input data
sample code to clean input data from datframe
jnrchewie (0)
follow the instuctions
dont blame me it was from Feross Aboukhadijeh
kalokan (0)
description qui doit necessairtement fair eplus de 50 characteres donc voila
Vedfunny (0)
ved prabhakar
game developing as a turtle with and leap site to learn coding
gandreasen (0)
Project 1 PLTW APCSA Escape Room
Provided by Garret Andreasen for PHS APCSA.
angrydoge (464)
Discord Status Generator!
# Welcome! This is my discord status generator, made with python and stuff. I just figured out how to use ``print(f"Hello {name}")`` and ``print(f""...
hibah2004 (0)
do u like my speed calculator
do u like my speed calculator if u dont i will be very sad @hanan2005
39184 (0)
emoji box pushing game
yeah it just a boring box pushing game but it is emoji (if you don't get it then play it and you will get it) hope you like it and plz don't steal my...
the1asem (1)
Sudoko Solver
Sudoko Solver in C Accept an input of one 81 characters string as a puzzle.
NUMBERGAME - The most boring game in the world
This is a game I made because I was bored. It is REALLY boring, and all you do is enter a number. I was messing around and I also made a leaderboard.
PabloMolinero (0)
General knowledge quiz! Test your knowledge with this little quiz, includes questions about history, geography and more. CATALAN
Ougochukwu2 (0)
HEre is my code for plc test 2
Ougochukwu2 (0)
Question 4 PLC of my homework is completes
amalalmenhali8 (0)
Its a simple question nothing too long just a start
TheCheeseCoder (64)
E.P.I.C! (Bug Fix)
I hit 25 cycles, so this is a little project for it. It's not that complicated, but it makes ya life easier. So, may I present to you... # E.P.I.C...
ACBeck (0)
Hodgepodge of bad code for GUI Zero ras pi robot
Raspberry pi with explorer hat running a 4wd works
MarieClaireNika (0)
Bill Gates
Deze website gaat over bill gates.