tussiez (1525)
SortaCanvas Bubble Screensaver
# Bubbles Screensaver I decided to make something similar to @RayhanADev 's [UWU Bubbles](https://replit.com/talk/share/UWU-BUBBLES/128712) This is a...
ShlokeParikh (1)
Guess a Number!
I know the repl is pretty simple, however it does take some time. Please give feedback on if you enjoyed it or not(And on any suggestions you have.)
rechutox (58)
🤠 Maze Raider 😈
Explore a randomly-generated 3D maze and collect beer! Beware the evil emoticon. ▶ Play: https://Maze-Raider--rechutox.repl.co ▶ Source: https://rep...
CyanCoding (2135)
Python Web Crawler
https://repl.it/@CyanCoding/Python-Web-Crawler I built the Python Web Crawler after inspiration from Tim Chen's wiki web scraper.
DonoldJTrump (6)
just 450 or so bookmarklets see (my git)[https://github.com/inyourface34456/bookmarklets-website]
supremeclose (22)
connect 4
a simple game of connect 4 against the computer/ai it is easy to use all you do is type in a number and the o will be placed there then the ai will t...
PYer (3880)
Aliens Adventure Game
I created this adventure game. I read a book a few years ago with an example like this. I haven't found the game example since, so this is totally bas...
AmazingMech2418 (1039)
π in QBasic
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so here it is in QBasic! However, note that I will not do this in normal BASIC...
OldWizard209 (1114)
*BETA* Text Based Survival-Adventure Game
This is a Beta version of my Text Based Survival-Adventure Game. There are three story modes but only the first one is working so far. I will work on...
Calamari1 (95)
Compete in Space Invaders (incl HIghscore)
Some people said, I should repost this game here since it matches the Theme. So I do, this time it also has a highscore of the top 10 players, so try...
INUMA666 (33)
Danganronpa simulator
spent so long on this, it is a danganronpa trigger happy havoc sim, it has events, murders, trials, relations, custom and random characters, i am upda...
SixBeeps (5060)
VR Island
I discovered A-Frame yesterday while browsing the Templates section, and it was surprisingly simple to use. So, to get myself acquainted with the fram...
Deniolu3000 (5)
Input Quest!
Welcome to Input Quest, where the game is what YOU want it to be. With hours of re-playability, Input Quest has something for everything. So open up t...
BananaSoul (37)
It draws hi. That is all. It doesn't do anything cool. Just hi.
ajmd17 (29)
Destroyer of Crapcoins
A space invaders inspired game written in PyGame. Destroy coins to collect BTC and move to the next level. Don't destroy Bitcoins or let the "sour" co...
nicholas109 (34)
SkyyCivil (121)
New language!
Hey guys i'm learning a new coding language! ITS JAVA! I wanna see if anyone will support!
PatrickRiley (1)
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defe...
The Secret Of Mozambique : Treasure hunting
Hello guys in this game you have to find the treasure by passing the obstacles which will come on your way
SilentShadowBla (551)
Brawl Stars Battle Simulator
### Brawl Stars Battle Simulator Game **All brawlers are in the game** **Realistic Brawler Health and Damage** **Functioning decently** May ADD: -B...
SophannaB (9)
First program
Guys my 1st programmmeeee! Ok, so its not toatly complete but its some facts.
slip1244 (256)
Reddit Scraper using Reddit API (unblocked) (outdated)
> totally not created to unblock reddit nope couldn't be me Use the new one here: https://repl.it/talk/share/ScrapeR-v3-Unblock-reddit-through-snoowr...
AtticusKuhn (241)
Can You Beat the Sorter? A sorting Game
### About This is a game that aims to teach about the different sorting algorithms through fun. ### Algorithms in the Project bubblesort insertionso...
59kills (3)
A shopping cart thing cause why not
Made this with my teacher during class
RohilPatel (1535)
Email Repl.it!
Hey everyone!! Here is an easy way to message repl.it when you might need to If you don't want to try it, and want to see how it works, change scrip...
wispkoe (1)
A no-login "bulletin board". Make posts and view posts by others. Submitted to Replit Ventures.
JohnStarrs (23)
Fun game
This game is so fun made in under 5 minutes me nanny won it in under 19 seconds and she is 87 years old (Rob me code and you stupid) <~ change this...
ShPatel2005 (1)
First Game with a really crappy GUI lets go
I like to make games so I decided to try making one with an actual GUI I made this in like an hour or two thats why its so bad also this has to be 50...
Name12 (159)
Fibinacci calculater
this is an easy little program I made when I was bored. Please time my ideas on how I can improve it, and consider giving me an upvote. thanks. (^_^)...
cannonthepom123 (16)
track down users post comments and cycles using REPLAPI and webbot