AH3973 (39)
I made a code that guesses your age!
You might know the trick to figure out someone's age already. This code is not just a lot of bologna because your final number will contain the number...
thenullified (164)
the humble story of a teapot... who is bent on world domination
hello everyone! this is a game i made with @TheForArkLD and @CoolJames1610 ! @TheForArkLD provided the inspiration behind this game with his html and...
ChezCoder (1614)
STOP ANIMATION - Moral of the Story | Ep3
Hello! Welcome to episode three of moral of the story! Would you like to be part of the next episode? Comment below the moral of the story for the n...
SPQR (589)
repl.it staff appreciation post
Hi, I just want everyone to appreciate how great the repl.it team is. I'm honestly not even trying to suck up to them, I don't see myself getting anyt...
ZobDuTurfu (41)
Snake Game
As simple as breathing : just use the controller buttons to move the Snake. You cannot die, but eating yourself will make you back to square one :)...
RyanRana (211)
Multiplayer Shooter Game!
Play this with a friend see who can get three hits first To control the component on the left you use (W for up D for shoot and S for down) and for th...
Alexa Remade (4500 lines)
andypalan (31)
World War Z
A simple survival game. Use your mouse/trackpad to move, and click to shoot. Collect coins, avoid/destroy the lava \(Destroying lava gets you 2 coins\...
nicholas109 (34)
RayhanADev (1968)
🐔 Crossy Road in ThreeJS 🚙🎮
# It's Crossy Road! I was cleaning up my computer when I found this old thing. The beautiful treasures you can find in my `/VSCodeProjects` folder xD...
tussiez (1509)
Three.js Animated Cutscene Test
This is my first attempt at scripting an animated "cutscene" in Three.js with TWEEN.js. **UPDATE**: Added Sprite Cranberry theme that gets louder the...
Bookie0 (5965)
2021 -- It Can't Be Worse (right?) [p5.js] Flashing Numbers!
Post title: 2021 -- It Can't Be Worse (right?) # Heyo! ### Happy Happy Happy... # **_Happy flippin' New Year!!!_ ✨ 🎉 🥳 🎊** ![2021-Word-...
tussiez (1509)
Three.js Particles - Falling Snow
# Three.js Particles - Falling Snow I was trying to figure out how exactly I would implement weather into [SortaCraft](https://sortacraft-1.tussiez....
Vandesm14 (2642)
A Community Website built with Svelte
# Why Svelte? This is the first time I've used svelte, and I can proudly say: It's amazing. Svelte is much like React except that it does not use virt...
Muffinlavania (1513)
Do you know the Muffin Man?
# Well I do ***Welcome to the Muffin Chat!*** This is a re-upload, and unlike other re-uploads this one is actually for a reason. This little bot used...
WillBAnders (30)
Rhovas - A Language for API Design & Enforcement
Rhovas is a programming language for API design and enforcement. Using Rhovas, developers can better express the contracts and intention of their code...
Funkus (240)
Procedural Map Generation v1.01 || Update!!!
# Hello! I'm back with a `cool project` It's a map generator in java using the Perlin noise algorithm # Map Generator Update: - Now snow/ ice ca...
coolegirlsx (29)
ik kom niet eens in de oefeningen reeks moet je daarvoor betalen of zo want ik kan dus niet meer verder vanaf les 10 want ik kom nog niet eens bij al...
amasad (3354)
New in Basic: Sound, high resolution, and clean syntax
We're approaching 1.0 for Basic so I wanted to do a big final push before I lock the features and start focusing on fixes and performance enhancements...
matthewproskils (465)
Short Animation
Cool Animation I Created. Please Upvote for support! almost at 100 cycles!:D Thanks, -MatthewProSkils
BobTheTomatoPie (3356)
Pitlife 2
This game is based on Bitlife, it may be a console type version, but at this point, it is hardly the same game. I've added many features that will ne...
Makrayne (57)
Code Clicker - Incremental Idle Game
Simple clicker game. A work-in-progress. I will add more features. Any feedback, constructive criticism, and tips are welcome! Please report any bugs...
primarkchav (29)
help me
hello i have autism and i get forced to make these
ArjunSS1 (113)
Repl Inside a repl
![Repl Inside a repl](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1578279751278_c90a090409e1a5462dfb51aa3fdb974c.png) An infinite loop
JohnnyWobble (50)
The Quest into Abquoria
This is my game for game jam, it's a text-based adventure game, although it has an Easter egg in it. The Easter egg is the 'magic word' from another t...
Panda003 (29)
Recreation of Pong game. AI and 1vs1 modes (More modes coming soon) AI Mode: Use Mouse or Keyboard. 1vs1: Both players use the keyboard. -Play...
rshetty (88)
A multiplayer open source Pokemon MMO that runs right in your browser!
This game uses socket.io/Phaser to run. Please visit http://project-pokeworld.rshetty.repl.co to play the game. Note that this is just an engine at th...
general_poxter (173)
Cattle Trading Simulation
Calamari1 (95)
Compete in Space Invaders (incl HIghscore)
Some people said, I should repost this game here since it matches the Theme. So I do, this time it also has a highscore of the top 10 players, so try...
JBloves27 (1718)
# Repl stats (kinda) and own stats! ##### Not that sophisticated, lol. --- ## Intro #### This is a console repl stats thingy. I'm also thinking of a...