AH3973 (39)
I made a code that guesses your age!
You might know the trick to figure out someone's age already. This code is not just a lot of bologna because your final number will contain the number...
thenullified (164)
the humble story of a teapot... who is bent on world domination
hello everyone! this is a game i made with @TheForArkLD and @CoolJames1610 ! @TheForArkLD provided the inspiration behind this game with his html and...
ChezCoder (1614)
STOP ANIMATION - Moral of the Story | Ep3
Hello! Welcome to episode three of moral of the story! Would you like to be part of the next episode? Comment below the moral of the story for the n...
Muffinlavania (1513)
Do you know the Muffin Man?
# Well I do ***Welcome to the Muffin Chat!*** This is a re-upload, and unlike other re-uploads this one is actually for a reason. This little bot used...
coolegirlsx (29)
ik kom niet eens in de oefeningen reeks moet je daarvoor betalen of zo want ik kan dus niet meer verder vanaf les 10 want ik kom nog niet eens bij al...
BobTheTomatoPie (3356)
Pitlife 2
This game is based on Bitlife, it may be a console type version, but at this point, it is hardly the same game. I've added many features that will ne...
primarkchav (29)
help me
hello i have autism and i get forced to make these
JBloves27 (1718)
# Repl stats (kinda) and own stats! ##### Not that sophisticated, lol. --- ## Intro #### This is a console repl stats thingy. I'm also thinking of a...
CoolJames1610 (713)
⭕❌ Noughts And Crosses ONLINE ❌⭕
# ⭕❌ **Noughts And Crosses ONLINE** ❌⭕ An offline and online game created using Python and Pymongo *** ## **What is this?** This is a noughts and...
CodingRobot12 (184)
Search Engine v1.1
This is my second version of my search engine and many more better features are coming soon. This has been a very big project and I have used lots of...
suryan1234 (44)
Dice game
Hey! I'm back with my second project: The Dice Game! I would really like it if you guys gave me feeback on how I would impove.
VulcanWM (2330)
Hollow - Season 1
Here is the whole project of the Hollow. Thanks to all the people who upvoted some of my part: @MORGANISTHEBEST , @CoolJames1610 , @HZLPY , @nk1rwc ,...
PYer (3654)
Simple Replit User API
Hello everyone! I haven't been active for a long time considering everything that's going on. I did get bored and created this quickly. I often create...
Dart (1185)
A leader board of the top 100 users and info on them!
just something i made to test out @mat1's repltalk replit api i think it will find your user info if you are not in the leader board first time fi...
TobyS (57)
Crude stickman, walking animation
2 years of alevel computer science led to this lol
skull_is_dull (42)
basically my own version of hackertyper.com
mat1 (4421)
# 4bit 4bit is a bot with some *rad* games such as Hangman, Simon Says, and even UNO! First off, Hangman ![4bit Hangman](https://storage.googleapis.c...
juliomorenotos (29)
The original monopoly board game. It still has some functionallity missing (like buying houses and hotels). You can play with as many players as you w...
NeilBhaduri (65)
Kingdom Simulator!!
Welcome back guys to another game by me! Today, it is a Kingdom Simulator. # Thank Yous Thanks to the following. Without you, this wouldn't be possi...
rafrafraf (1389)
Wheres kanye west? The game
# [Play the game at whereswest.live](https://whereswest.live) **The aim of the game** Try to find as many kanyes as you can before the timer runs o...
JonKali (27)
[GAME] Directing Sim (Alpha)
Directing Sim is a realistic and fun game for those who have always wanted to unleash their inner Film Maker, and now you have the chance. Began makin...
epicman702 (481)
Ad infinitum
Welp... another dungeon game Lets review the series so far... 1) simple dungeon - Simple! 2) medieval RPG - My friends made a joke, not simple dungeo...
DJWang (1342)
<🧑‍⚕️ 🏥 Medical Simulator! 🏥 🧑‍⚕️>
# Hi Guys It's me. @DJWang (Lol I just pinged myself.) I'm back with another game! This is a medical simulator. Upvote if enjoyed! Peace! -DJStu...
CoolJames1610 (713)
# **NEWWWW UPDATEEEEEE** ## CREATE YOUR OWN SERVER! WOW JUST USE `!createserver` - Ability to set mods will be in tomorrows update - im tired XD ## SE...
HackermonDev (2008)
Crash your computer
Ever wanted to crash firefox or whatever browser you use? Well, here is a chance. Running this repo on repl.it will probably crash your browser and ru...
mat1 (4421)
✨⭐ Repl Talk API for Python ⭐✨ (With documentation)
# Repl Talk API (unofficial) Easily communicate with the GraphQL Repl Talk API with this project. https://pypi.org/project/repltalk/ *** # Features...
ebest (663)
I'm making a Python chat server to mimic this one: https://repl.it/talk/share/Working-Chatroom/3741 But that one does not work anymore. Here's mine: h...
OrionLee (27)
Rock Paper Scissors with Smart AI player
Please open it on repl.it itself at the top right, alot of stats will be shown like win rate, win streaks, and things like the % where u use "Rock" fo...
21natzil (1176)
Import other repls!
Through the power of a new module I made called `rimp`, you can import your repls and other people's repls in python. ![image](https://storage.googl...
bonnym512 (105)
Cheer you up machine
This machine will make you feel better if you ever are in a down moment and you have a need to be cheered up.