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leon332157 (318)

Download Here


Hey everyone, this is Leon, and I'm proud to be releasing version 2.0.0 of the desktop that I started last year. In this version, many things has been improved, and more new features are planned, for example file syncing. But for now, I need more testers to help me improve the current release.


Here's some screenshots of the cool features in the app.

How do I help?

Any issue report is welcome, I would like you to use the GitHub Repo or Discord channel to contact me.

EpicGamer007 (1765)

@leon332157, Do you have to have anything else downloaded for this to be able to run such as java, or python or do you not have to have anything downloaded for this to work?

morganny16 (34)

so how do i actually download it? Is it one of these?

leon332157 (318)

@morganny16 depending on what os, I’m guessing ur on Windows so exe installer works.

pro2600 (1)

@morganny16 can you share this link or assets I cant get it

Lord_Poseidon (170)

Can I get a 32bit debian build?

leon332157 (318)

@Lord_Poseidon I don't think electron supports 32bit Linux. But I will try.

leon332157 (318)

@Lord_Poseidon Sorry to say but I couldn't get a 32bit build working.

Lord_Poseidon (170)

@leon332157 sad:( iirc older versions of electron make 32bit. They've dropped it recently. Can you try to downgrade or something? Also, I've noticed 32bit builds on older versions of the app. Are those any good?

leon332157 (318)

@Lord_Poseidon I don't think I had any 32bit build for Linux since electron dropped support since version 4.0

SpaceFire (124)

you should try to get replit to make it official. That would be awesome

sugarfi (630)

Doesn't work on non-debian distros, sadly...

mkhoi (299)

This is great! How did you do this?

leon332157 (318)

@mkhoi It's made with electron and typescript. Check out the GitHub Repo

abc3354 (227)

That's very cool !
I use your app regularly and I love it :)

sojs (341)

Which one is for chromebook? or is it only windows and mac?

leon332157 (318)

@sojs It's also available on Linux, I have tried to use deb packages on a chromebook but I think you will need extra permissions to enable developer mode.

studentAlfredAl (449)

Wow, this app looks like it's going to be amazing! Keep up the great work :D