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This is a Python Tutorial
Please look at the README.md file so later you know how to use python in the futer.
CoolDude9000 (5)
Quart Template & Guide:
# Replit Quart Template: A nice template for Quart. Docs: [Click Here] (https://pgjones.gitlab.io/quart/) skip to part 3 for the actual good stuff....
dumbCodr (7)
Easy ways to make your python code more Concise and efficient!
I just wanted to share some tricks to make code more concise and more efficient that are really simple to implement # F-Strings ___ F-Strings come in...
fluffyyboii (2)
A Strange Python "Bug", and How to Avoid It
# Introduction ### Pull up the attached code! With all the great things about Python people are talking about, it can feel like there just aren't any...
DSAJagat20 (1)
How to make an application! (SO EASY)!
# INTRO What's up, guys! I'm back, DSAJagat, aka cyan from amongus. In this post, I'll be showing you how to make an application! these steps are so e...
CoolJames1610 (714)
[Discord.py] Discord Bot Web Dashboard Tutorial
# [Discord.py] Discord Bot with fully functioning web dashboard! Hello everyone and today I will be going through how to make a discord bot, a websit...
SilvermoonCat (429)
EASY-python animations!
# Python Animation Tutorial-EASY! > ##### By SilvermoonCat Hey! This is SilvermoonCat :D ~~~python print("Python Animation Tutorial") ~~~ ___ Let's l...
LiamBerube (2)
🐍Python basics tutorial🐍
# What is Python Anyways? Python is a programming language made for readability and is great for large projects such as : Web development with flask C...
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How To Use Post App!
This is a cool app to post posts on python which anyone using this program will be able to see Step 1. Fork this repl Step 2. Run startchat() O...
CoderBean (11)
Learn to code Python! Part 4: Modules!
Welcome to Part 4 of my learning Python tutorial. In this tutorial we are going to quickly finish our e-banking thing, then we will make a dice rollin...
CoderBean (11)
Learn to code Python! Part 3: For and While!
Welcome back to Part 3 of my Python tutorial here on replit. Yes, this is the third one today but school is boring so here I am doing this. In the las...
CoderBean (11)
Learn to code Python! Part 2: Data, if and variables!
Hello and welcome back to my Python tutorial, if you haven't already make sure to check out [Part 1](https://replit.com/talk/learn/Learn-to-code-in-py...
CoderBean (11)
Learn to code in python! Part 1: Basic Concepts and Setup
# Learn to code in python! Part 1: Basic Concepts and Setup Hello to-be master coders! You have decided to learn Python, this is great news! If you ar...
cannonthepom123 (15)
an extremly quick basic python turtle tutorial
BlobfacebyBSP (3)
How to make a Password in Python (for beginners)
# Line 1, > realpass = 'Easy_Password is your Password (Easy_Password) it variable for your password your variable(realpass). # Line 2, > passw =...
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learning python is starting for beginners........ are u ready? because I am ready too!
MeeraAl (6)
How to draw pikachu using python
hope this helps really easy to make :D
InvisibleOne (2683)
The results of my survey
Results of the Survey ### First things first: Some people claimed that I was doing this just to get upvotes, and I’m not, I’m just genuinely interes...
LegendaryWolf (656)
How make a GUI Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter in Tkinter for absolute beginners!
# In this tutorial, I will teach how to make an app that converts Celsius into Fahrenheit, so let's get started! I wrote it up in a few minutes so the...
cjmatthy09 (14)
How to Calculate Pi in Python
Hello, and welcome to this tutorial! We are going to be calculating Pi (3.1415...) using the Nilakantha series. The series is quite basic. First, you...
Masticater (1)
How do you add any module to python here
Kind of extremely new, just wanted to know, I'm trying to add a simple plot module I've seen on my classes of python just to keep myself familiarized...
boko123456789 (2)
Python for beginners
Hi. I am going to tell new people who don't know how to code. CODE(Python)! In the first step, you should try to make the robot say something. for exa...
Kronifer (14)
Making a Simple API with Flask and repl.it db
# Making a simple API with Flask and repl.it db Hi everyone! Today I'll be showing you all a way to make a simple api on repl it. first, let me walk...
FloCal35 (485)
Fake loading
# How to add fake loading to your python program ___ The easiest way is to print something over and over again (like 0's and 1's) but the best way (in...
nuvic (0)
Word vectors - Why they are fundamental for NLP and how to create them (part 1)
[repl.it file](https://repl.it/@nuvic/aispells#word_vectors.py) Who is this for: If you're a developer interested in NLP and don't know where to begi...
BartPowers1 (4)
Lesson 3: Lists and Loops
# Lesson 3: Lists and Loops A **list** is another way to store things, but it can hold a lot of things. Lets look at a few examples: - Lets say our pa...
BartPowers1 (4)
Lesson 2: Variables
# Lesson 2: Variables Now that we know how to make our program say things, let’s talk about **variables**. A **variable** is a way to store something....
BartPowers1 (4)
Lesson 1: Hello world tutorial
# Lesson 1: Hello World Lets start with getting a program to say “Hello World!” In Python, when we want the computer to “say” something we use the pr...
YeetsaJr (20)
🤖 Simple Webbot Tutorial! 🤖
# __Simple Webbot Tutorial!__ This is a Repl project that shows how webbot can be used to automate certain tasks on the internet. ## What Is Webbot? W...
ItamarCohen28 (10)
MLR - Multiple Linear Regression Tutorial - Python
# What's Linear Regression? Linear Regression describes the relationship between variables by fitting a line to the observed data. _____ # Why do we n...