tussiez (1431)
Arduino Basics: Blink
# Arduino Blink This will make an LED on an Arduino Uno blink. ## Setup What you'll need: - Arduino IDE - Printer USB cable - Computer - Arduino Uno...
JustAWalrus (1186)
C++ FULL Begginners Course!
# C++ FULL Beginners Course. Hello, I am @Wuru and this is my C++ FULL Beginners Course. I know @HahaYes already did one but I wanted to do a more i...
programmeruser (575)
Full C++ Tutorial
# C++ Tutorial So, this is a C++ tutorial. Thanks to @EpicGamer007 for the idea(s). You should know some programming so I won't explain what a variab...
CSharpIsGud (924)
How and why to use threading in C++
Have you heard of multithreading and just wish you could make your programs faster? Well... unfortunately just using threads is not enough, you have t...
Whippingdot (549)
Fraction Simplifier [TUT] [C++] [Python!!]
# INTRADUCKTION Hello Hello, it is I, the famous Whippingdot!! Thank you for the roses, thank you. Anyway, this is a tutorial on creating a fraction s...
SilentShadowBla (549)
SHORT C++ Tutorial Pt1: The Basics
This may be a little confusing for some people... Short Tutorial on the [The Basics] of C++. Hope you enjoy! FULLSCREEN [HERE](https://C-tut-pt1.sil...
FlaminHotValdez (430)
A simple tutorial on the N Queens problem
I had just finished coding my solution to the N Queens problem and I was curious how others had done it, so I turned to my trusty friend Repl.it and s...
JaydenSavarinat (14)
C++ Fstream File Handling ( Tutorial )
```cpp #include <iostream> #include <fstream> // Inlcude fstream library to handle files #include <cstring> /***************************************...
RomeroSchwarz (271)
Detecting keypresses in c++ without pressing enter
So, in all of the repl consoles, you need to press enter to input something. However, there are ways around this. This one is for c++. First, we're g...
WoahJamalChill (3)
How to change font and background color for C++
in this post i will show you how to change the font or background color in c++, there is a lot of questions around the internet asking how to change i...
AbaanShanid (19)
How to make an HTTP request in c++ within 20 lines of code.
TLDR: This is the code: ```cpp system("curl https://example.com"); ``` I am not highly experienced in c++, but when I found out about the [system](ht...
chrisaycock (22)
The Empirical Programming Language
[Empirical](https://www.empirical-soft.com) is a language for time-series analysis. It has builtin Dataframes (tables) and integrated queries. It's fu...
k9chelsea2 (784)
Bubble sort
###### ~~so apparantly using markdown makes my tutorials better so don't mind the awful markdown your about to witness~~ ## Hello there, my last tuto...
WoahJamalChill (3)
How to slowprint c++ ( EASY EDITION)
hi guys, have you wondered how to slowprint in c++? well I have a super simple solution that anybody can do... it takes less than 5 min to code and yo...
JasonLiu19 (69)
How to make a basic Calculator (C++)
First, open a new repl. Next declare `char op`, `int num1`, and `int num2`. ```cpp char op; int num1,num2; ``` In the main function, we ask the user f...
PiyushGarg1 (0)
Expression Validator using stacks
Checkout the repl code to understand how to validate expressions using stacks