Mosrod (526)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3339)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Usagi02808 (0)
How to store mysql credentials?
I have been trying to store mysql credentials in a .env file, but I couldn't read the .env in php. Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?
aaronkagan (0)
Can synch with Github
Hey all. I cloned my repo and when I set the repl to PHP, it removes the git icon and I can no longer synch with my github repo. Is synching with Gi...
UCYT5040 (14)
Get Repl Auth Header in PHP
I'm trying to use repl auth in PHP to get the users name and ID. How can I do this?
TristanCedrickD (3)
i need a team who wanna joined
plz join I need a coding team okay so who wanna join I reply to your comments
EsaelYT (0)
Domain Linking doesn't work
Hi, I recently used the Custom Domains and had no problems, but I have several days having this same error when entering the website from the custom d...
MadMoneyMike3 (4)
Can someone help me repl.it auth?
I'm making the smallest and easiest chat possible in PHP. I need the users to login with repl and when they send something it shows there username. I...
redegelde (0)
connect to datase
hi, al due the covid we are using repl.it for cloud coding. Great so far But now we are almost to the lessons with connection phpmyadmin. I found this...
cbermude2 (0)
Please enable mysqli on REPL.IT
REPL.IT is one of the best online IDE, but mysqli is not enabled and need it for my project.
DSAEvan (21)
Can someone neaten this up?
I got this code from here: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/php-form-processing/ I copied and pasted it. It works, but It needs to be more cleaned up. W...
HackNetAyush (0)
My site is blocked by Google!
Guys, I was trying a phishing experiment. Unfortunately when I typed the URL in the chrome. Chrome reported that this site have hackers active on it a...
matjung (0)
PHP Web Server with Wordpress and https
Hi I am currently looking for a solution to host wordpress in https mode with sqlite in repl Up to now No Success After I enter https in Settings - Ge...
ceilingrat (1)
php packages?
Is there a way to make use of extra php modules? By making my repl a "Bash" type and using `pkg-install`, I'm able to install php modules, but it doe...
gkarthikkumar (0)
Hello, We have the project TestPHPWebserver. We have created PHP program on it. But we could not able to setup Database for this PHP program. Please...
gkarthikkumar (0)
How to create Database for PHP Web Server
How to create Database for PHP Web Server
phpisntbad (1)
Why is curl_init() not found?
Hello, I'm working on a PHP project and the function, curl_init() isn't found. Is it disabled on replit? It works on my own machine.
SandraC17 (0)
Trying to connect to database
Hello. I am trying to connect my repl to the database to process the files in my class assignment. Can anyone point me in the right direction to be...
ArthurCunha1 (0)
Bros please help me, been trying this online messages thingy
You lose your name when you enter text and I want to add new text not just replace
Baconman321 (1059)
How does my project perform (testing stage)
I want to know how does my new project perform. I want to know how it performs on other people's devices. How do you like the details? Comments, Feedb...
ch1ck3n (1621)
PHP not correctly reading file
This is my code: ``` <?php $pass = $_GET["pass"]; $user = $_GET["user"]; $next = false; $file = fopen("info.txt", "r") or die("Something went wrong.")...
powerbox1000 (1)
Upload to github pages
# Just wondering if I could take https://github.com/powerbox1000/devtime-wiki.github.io and make a github page out of it, as I cannot upload to repl.i...
powerbox1000 (1)
Can I import this github repo?
it says that https://github.com/powerbox1000/devtime-wiki.github.io is too big, but I can't use github pages and don't know anywhere else to host it?...
RahulChoubey1 (134)
Why doesn't my checkbox handler work?
I had to use PHP in my `style.css` file and so I searched it up and it said to change `css` to `php` but still implement it into the main file as type...
Baconman321 (1059)
Audio automatically starts at 0 no matter what I do
I had no luck asking in stack overflow, so I hope you guys can help. Study music.js, particularly lines 39 to 69. What it's supposed to do is pick up...
mkcodes (1)
Configure php.ini
How to configure php.ini?...
mkcodes (1)
Install libsodium on php-web-server?
Is there any way to install libsodium on php-web-server?
Leroy01010 (413)
php again
some of my code is showing up in the site and there are 2 places where it asks your name please help on this code
samba0648 (4)
How to add data to json
I'm trying to add data to a JSON when registration is successful. But it is showing null, can anyone help me in this.
duck132912 (210)
add mark to image?
In kick the buddy when buddy gets punched he gets a bump or a bandaid but i do not know how to add that to my image so i am searching for answers
6Bf (0)
Is it possible to link db to repl apache server?
I want to create a site with membership and bulletin board functions. so i want link db to repl's apache server ex) <?php $host = 'localhost';...
rodmontgt (2)
curl example
how to enable cURL? I have a project that is based on cURL calls but on replit it doesn't work