Mosrod (526)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3345)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
How to install Bison on Replit
I've been following a tutorial online on how to create a simple compiler using Lex, Bison, and LLVM, but I've been unable to get Bison working. I was...
jnrchewie (2)
How do I search through the folder user to find the right user save?
i want to make a save system that creates a file for each player with there save in the folder user. So how do i make it so that the load_save void se...
Emphices (0)
invalid operands to binary expression
little brain dead rn but would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me with this. The error says "[cquery] invalid operands to binary expressio...
SreyasSabbani (57)
CubeScope & Infernal Dungeons
Hi guys, I'm here to ask you what CubeScope should be? CubeScope is currently a Replit Team developing Inferno Arena's next version. What else games s...
SreyasSabbani (57)
Game Development Help
CubeScope is a Replit Team which loves to create games! Now, CubeScope is presenting the 3rd version of Inferno Arena... # The Infernal Dungeons Infe...
L0k3d20uz4 (0)
How can I check if two strings are the same case insensitive
So I am making a program that checks to see if words are palindromes. I have a word, have reversed the word, but now I need to check if the two string...
DarkHollow (0)
Help! 2D array tutorial
I created a class called Rotate that dynamically creates a 2D array using a double pointer. I initialize the 2D array in the constructor and for each...
joelmtebe (0)
I am trying to see if there is memoryleak on my project i have created. is there a way to check through here? i know on visual studio you can use exte...
KarterBeaver (0)
Help with displaying the city from user inputed zip code
Hello, I have an assignment due in two days for input files. So heres the problem.. you need to display the county with zipcode and have the user inpu...
xxpertHacker (865)
C++ Renaming base class members upon inheriting
While you're on, @DynamicSquid, are you interested in looking into this? ___ Consider a class such as std::string, which has ::length(), and ::size...
xxpertHacker (865)
memcpy into shared_ptr doesn't fully copy?
The attached Repl should copy the text "Hello, world!" into an instance of a SharedString, and then print it. It only prints "Hello, w" though... and...
LingWu1 (88)
2 Errors
HElp I got error I cant fix in my code
LingWu1 (88)
I cannot fix the error. Help
JacobMcPherson1 (196)
How to check if a file exists
How am I able to check if a file already exists in the repl
pintea (0)
update boost
repl currently has boost 1.65.1 (released 7th of September 2017). Is there a way to update it?
bwoop (112)
How to use C++ else if statement?
I just started c++ and my else if statement isn't working. Can someone help?
MatthewMartin14 (0)
my user inputs keep going to the wrong functions
im making a c++ game to self learn c++ but i keep getting this strange bug when i ask the user for and input it will sometimes go to a completely diff...
MatthewMartin14 (0)
Im having problems with getting 2 of my functions too loop to each other.
so i made 2 functions and at the end i want them each to go back to the other one but i keep getting this error: error: use of undeclared identifier '...
ArulMoorthy (0)
Why is this breaking?
I made a 2D ASCII thing and I wanted to experiment with terrain generation. I tried to make a basic system to randomly assign materials, and now the s...
nxzqw (1)
why doesn't this work?
it's been coded with no errors in logic or grammar, yet it says it doesn't work...
DeepGreen (8)
How should I implement the algorithm? C++
I want to write a program that generates prime numbers. I want to write using the Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm. https://www.codeabbey.com/index/t...
KASON123 (6)
Need Help with break
So im trying to break a no Question and i dont know how to create a loop for this iv done research and everything i cant find a good one #include <io...
KASON123 (6)
Need Help With break
So im trying to break a no Question and i dont know how to create a loop for this iv done research and everything i cant find a good one ```cpp #in...
GorillaYT (1)
why does it always say the number is a paliddrome number when its isnt
challenge came from here https://www.sololearn.com/learning/eom-project/1051/905
xxpertHacker (865)
C++ How to make class method aliases?
Say that I have a class like this: ```c++ struct str { std::size_t size() const { ... } std::size_t length() const { ... } }; ``` How could I...
tickedoffsquid (16)
Having issues with comparison of a variable to a string
This happens in the class choosing area, even if I choose "rogue" or anything, it says I haven't, kinda confused, thanks in advance
WillPatton (0)
I have been having an issue with my code. Whenever I have to call the bool retry(), the code forces me to input an answer twice before it either loops...
Xeralp (0)
Unusual Unicode Output with C++ and NCurses
I have some unusual Unicode output with this C++ program and NCurses. When this program is run, it produces a string M-b~T~O instead of the Unicode ch...
SourabhPrasad (0)
I want to remove {3,2,1,4} from 2d vector
remove {3,2,1,4} from 2d vector, because {1,2,3,4} is already in 2d vector.
JasonLiu19 (69)
segmentation faults are my worst enemy
I want to make a table, and in each column have a different field for each object of the class `Teacher`, but I keep getting a segfault. My first ide...