Mosrod (526)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3339)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
ducksarecuteok (5)
can you print out a physical copy of your code
I need to print out a paper copy of my code, is there a way for me to do that?
deepakgk (4)
how to invite
how to invite someone in the talk
fairoze (2)
need help
pleas help me out this task I can not understand this.
AaronPhilip (4)
how to take user input in the form of an integer
Please help me. This is so irritating like i just want to take two integers and add them. Instead, it takes it in the form of a string and just concat...
rodagr (0)
Repl basic layout
By accident I have hit a wrong key or swiped my mouse but my Repl desktop is a mess. I cannot get it back to the Repl default layout. Because of this...
Donbit (2)
how can I tell the compiler a number is odd or even ?
Write a conditional statement that evaluates whether the value for a number property is odd or even. If the number is even, print "The number is even...
svsarahval (1)
What am I doing wrong?
I follow the instructions from the video on how to type in code in swift for something simple as stating my name, in a string concatenate. Please some...
fairoze (2)
iam unable to solve it please help me out
please help me to understand this challenge. How to solve this
darkdarcool (100)
Swift console typing animation
So, I am new to swift, and I wanted a typing animation in the console for swift, and I tried to make one on my own, like this: ``` swift import Found...
jwmci (2)
Where is the submit button?
I can't find the submit button. I can't find the submit button. I can't find the submit button. I can't find the submit button. I can't find the submi...
joshuam6060 (0)
error cannot assign value of type int to string swift - what am I doing wrong?
print("guess a number that I thought of") let number = Int.random(in: 0...100) var z = readLine() if z = number{ print("yay") }
joshuam6060 (0)
How do I make a code for if the input isn't a number from 0-100 print "you are wrong"
In 26-28 I did a wrong line of code to show what I'm trying to do even though I know it is wrong.
pegasusroe (8)
Does repl.it support XCTest framework ?
I can `import XCTest` framework without any problem, but I can't use the `defaultTestSuite` property of an `XCTestCase` class, why?
fullonmac (0)
Which lesson covers secondsInAnHour?
I am totally lost and have wasted 2 hours on trying to find this.
ynaresh (0)
Array Element
Hi, How to set the array in some element thick and color change plz tell me the solution Thanks & Regards
joshuam6060 (0)
what am I doing wrong?
I am trying to do a "guess my number game" else{ while z < number { print( "too low") } }
alope1 (2)
I can't seem to get this Ternary Operator correct
Need help figuring out what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. There's two files and I'm aware I can't run both of them, I'm using two so that I can...
CertifiedGod (0)
How do i download files
I need to download the file I worked on so I can submit it to my computing class
joshuam6060 (0)
I am confused
what am I doing wrong - I am making a game where there are a bunch of words and the player has to say how many syllables one of them has.
anthonycool (0)
I need to get to Main.storyboard
I need to get to Main.storyboard because im in school and i need to get to that so i can add buttons to a app that i need to make for the asignment
joshuam6060 (0)
How do I make it "not in 1...100" in line 26
instead of making z fall under 1-100 can I make it the opposite - "for z not in 1...100 print("something")"
AndreMoffett (0)
can someone message me I need help with my recourse work?
optionals and conditions swift Lambda recourse work
kljamaica1983 (0)
Full name instruction
I thought that I was following the instructions accordingly but just I thought I was it keeps telling me that the answer is not correct or better yet...
essannekay (0)
What am I doing wrong?
I have been trying to figure this out for the longest time and I am honestly just stumped. The problem in question : Create a property called testS...
CW1985 (0)
Hi everyone I need my classmates to please help me. I know to this type of Career and i am not sure how to start. Its asking me to do assignments but...
fairoze (2)
not able to understand
please help me out this I can understand it. about elsif
SLeon79 (0)
Creating code for the first time
I am creating a code for the first time and I need a little direction. How do I add 6 buttons with different colors?
URItechnollogy (0)
Im looking for people to do a Swift languaje calculator
I am looking for people with very little experience or no wait a way in the Swift programing languaje i hope you do not pay a hard goodbye
JeremyGriffin (0)
I can't get past the second question here on arrays can anyone help me
here is my code var numbers = [45, 73, 195, 53] //Write your code here var computedNumbers = 1 numbers = computedNumbers + 1 print(computedNumb...
AmeliaField1 (0)
I want to learn how to code in swift, can you teach me some basic lessons?
I want to learn some basic tips and tricks for Swift as I want to advance in my app development. I'm quite experienced in Python so I have a basic und...