Wilke000 (624)
Does Anyone Know How To Fix This?
@BLoBBERT and I are trying to make a *game* with if/else statements. Please help!
HackerSK (9)
programming jam
Heeeeeeello! I am posting this because I have a question about the programming jam that is happening this month. I want to make a language too, but I...
UnluckyFroggy (919)
Why did I get warned for upvoting Coder100's comments?
I legit got warned for upvoting Coder100's comments. How is that bad?
TimothyAnderso1 (127)
What Are Cycles?
Recently I earned 5 of them, but don't know what they are any idea?
System.Drawing Assembly Refrence
I dont understand how to fix the error this code gives, can someone help. Im trying to use the drawing namespace but it keeps saying im missing the Sy...
picklegamer1 (1)
why is my repl not saving
can anyone help me with one of my repls that im working on that is taking me 2 days to work on is never saving and i have re done it 3 times now and i...
MikeJMS8910 (116)
Can you restore repls that where deleted on a team?
I know that you are able to restore repls for a personal user but can you restore team repls? And how would I do this?
Mathman05 (1)
Setting a variable to another variable doesn't work.
when I do ```js a=[1,2,3,4,5] b=a b[1]="yes" console.log(a[1]) ``` it prints yes. how do I make it make a copy and not just modify a's value? Edit: I...
GatewayDuckYT (48)
Join My Team
### People BANNED FOREVER FROM THIS PROJECT @Crosis # also we are talking project ideas if you have an idea please comment it We also Love the idea...
LegendaryWolf (719)
How to change terminal color in python
How to change terminal color in python, pls help meh!
RichardPeskett (0)
"no such file:" How to organize and import class files on replit
Hi, I have not been able to import a class that I have created from a file in my repl. I've been able to import other packages, but not my own classe...
DarkGirl (1)
Hy, i just got the hacker plan, and i wanna know howbi make them „always on“
johnbarnhart1 (0)
Why Won't this text center?
Why Won't this text center? Need Help...
VincentJames (17)
How do I insert a video?
I need to insert a video this one, how do I do that?
StringentDev (207)
Keeping repl permanently alive.
So I have been making a repl that allows you to store items online but every time, after a certain amount of time, it shuts down the express server (n...
Squirrel777 (138)
git cant add file due to permissions! [REPOST]
So basically I have *almost* everything resolved! That problem from yesterday? Solved! Which is good, but... what's that? Another permissions error! O...
StevenDavis2 (36)
Would anyone like an animated sprite for a project or something else?
Would anyone like enemies/items/etc. for a game they are making animated? Come here! Depending on the request, I can make a sprite for whatever projec...
Axrevyn (290)
I feel like I need a team. I have no ideas of things to code, and the projects I do start on I abandon because of burnout - because they're too big f...
Xenity (8)
Why dosent node.js work on my website?
![Screenshot 2021-04-16 2.12.23 PM]( ![Screenshot 202...
Solarbot9 (4)
can someone code cookie clicker with me
cookie clicker is blocked for me and I want to play it
andreebr (31)
change node version
Can I change the node version of a repl?
SilentShadowBla (551)
NEED Inspiration for Code
Can anyone give me any program/game/tool/quiz ideas? THX
AshkiKudzma (33)
Why I can't run my second file
I want to run my second python file but it always run whatever i have in but not in second file i made.
CollinKunsman (108)
Which is better: Terraria vs. Minecraft??
Which one's better? Please type in the comments below and try to convince me about which one's better. I'm having such a difficult time deciding. Plea...
tussiez (1531)
How do I redeem the free Hacker Plan from referrals? [Fixed!!]
I believe @Baconman321 got Hacker Plan and referred me (yay!) but I can't seem to redeem the referral rewards. How exactly do I do this? ![image](htt...
InvisibleOne (2681)
I need Idea's
I'm planning on building a website that is sort of like a scavenger hunt. I want to have hidden buttons and stuff, with certain 'things' you need to f...
MilesMiller (18)
how do you become a mederator and do you get paid? or is it just a fun thing to do in your free time
![170px-Lois_Griffin]( just wondering. cuz you guiys a...
AmazingMech2418 (1041)
Could Allow Root User Access Just on Apt?
Would it be possible for to allow `sudo` just on the `apt`/`apt-get` commands?
CodingCactus (4192)
CPU not playing sometimes (tic tac toe)
When playing against cpu, sometimes they don't make a move. I've checked every thing, maybe a fresh pair of eyes will help, or a completely different...
Hi guys, could anyone tell me how to use the debugger on for python, I tried searching how to debug on, but there were no results, so...