AarjavKavathia (5)
Storage limits
Hi I just want to know how much storage I can get per repl, not the entire account, and how much storage per file.
imnotokokokokok (1)
Can i get my replit account restored
Hey, my account recently got deleted I don't know how this happened I'm wondering if there is a way i could get it back right know im just surprised i...
LuckyOreos (203)
What happened to the competitions which use to happen?
Also, is it ever going to happen again, if not now? Plus I’m just asking! I’ve only been on here for two months and I happened to look on repl it that...
orozcooliver007 (1)
How do you share a program
Im making a calculator and i want to show my friends without them seeing the code. is it possible to send them just the console so they dont see the c...
DiveshTheReal (103)
How to i do i make my project run 24/7 can you plz help me how to make it 24/7 plz
How to i do i make my project run 24/7 can you plz help me how to make it 24/7 plz it will be help full
JackMozza1 (7)
Running Exe
Hey I was wondering if you are able to run exe files in repl
Why do I keep getting a recursion error?
I am trying to make a program in python that needs to use the random function. All the other parts of the program were already done and working. I mad...
Does anyone professionally make favicons?
Anyone in this beautiful community make favicons? If you do, please leave a comment with a few examples. And if you don't, but you know someone who do...
Bitkoshy (17)
Python & Pygame
Is it just me or is this common thing to say for python programmers. Apparently people say that oh, you need to learn Python before you even touch Pyg...
Intellect103 (3)
How do you use the 'if' function in Python?
## How do you use the 'if' function in Python? I have _tried and researched_ but I was unable to **find the right thing to do** . I hope anyone can he...
ShreyashVermaVe (1)
Help me find a repl.
Hello everyone, Can you help me find a repl? I saw it yesterday in apps section,that's a 3D Birthday Card like thing made in HTML,CSS,JS ,when you hov...
SrYato (1)
How about coming with me To form our Studio? Interested? Read to the End!
Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm SrYato, Programmer! Today, I have a question to ask you! How about joining my team, my studio? Come and Bot Me! Come and...
Duvangamer3845 (131)
How i can add a node.js file to a html repl???
in this moment im working on a website about videogames,but i wanna create a server to the community with node.js but i can't,every try to add a file...
HarperframeInc (456)
How to play an audio file in python?
I'm not sure how to play audio files. I've tried many stack-overflow answers, but they don't work. Any Solutions?
dfnk (75)
How would you put your package on
Whacko (324)
# ***HEEEEELP!!!*** I got stuck in this team, and the team owner made me an admin. So now I can ***NEVER LEAVE THE TEAM!*** I would really like to lea...
MatthewDoan1 (333)
Duplicate Posts (Possible Bug?)
## EDIT: ## Ok so a lot of people have this bug so I've filed a bug report [here] ( Thanks everyon...
icr0 (11)
If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Not all the questions have to be tech-questions!
nathan12579111 (6)
Continuously reconnecting?
The program continuously keeps reconnecting before I can do anything with it cause when i try to run the program it keeps on disconnecting and reconne...
aimstest (8)
How to make stop installing the wrong package
Hello All, I have been trying to make a Telegram Bot using the pyTelegramBotAPI. ( It requires use of : i...
CoolJames1610 (765)
Cmon, give me a new idea for a project XD its gotta be Py____ like I've done [PyChat]( [PyTube] (https://rep...
Youtube simulator - Online
Hey repl peeps! I'm just letting you know that I'm creating an online youtube game! For it to properly work though, a list of people with their repl...
xxpertHacker (930)
[Solved] How to calcuate max number of possible substrings for a given string
For a given string, I'm looking for the most efficent way to calculate all substrings that can be created without rearranging or manipulating the stri...
Ekashrejaiswal (3)
I need some beginner and intermediate experience and knowledge PYTHON PROGRAMMERS to work with me!
Hello All. I am Ekansh Jaiswal also with my brother Shreyansh Jaiswal . I am a beginner in python Programming. I want someone who is a beginner or ave...
ComputingSquid (47)
Is it advertising if you make a repl for something
so, I made a repl for my discord server, and I'm just wondering, before i post it, is it still advertising if you post something for your company/thin...
SkyZoom (0)
Failed to connect error
It's 3 am I want to finish a project that I will get a good amount of money but it just won't run. For 1 hour straight I get a HECKING error. It conne...
ghostknight1355 (5)
Making site public
is there anyway that someone can make a site public for free?
Andreipython43 (5)
how to share my repl
how to share my repl to people
JasonBWilson (6)
Pygame: Package operation failed.
Trying to import pygame and get error: " Package operation failed." After selecting Pygame from the packages and hitting the +, the install...
UndertaleRulez (33)
What coding language do you like best?
i know everyone has their preferences and i kinda want to know what yours is!