AncientBison (67)
Why does this go down?
My simple program here is to show and ask why the numbers go down and up at random, when the numbers should go down!
AbdiChiboub (0)
I have a problem.
So, I had this problem today where when i type something like "print(" ")" it scrambles the words in there. Look at the picture and the words i high...
kbadrinath_tcsp (222)
not doing anything
so i'm running my program and after it installs the packages it just does... nothing. Nothing prints (something is supposed to), and it just stays the...
X24 (28)
The Source Code Search Engine (needs a proper name)
It's a search engine that runs on Google API and CSE that will input ** Google's raw data** to your console. This might be the most useless thing to b...
JamisonLewis (1)
variables and user
this is my first real one
Dante_Morrison (5)
i made a simple ordering system for my borgar restaurant
this was for another assignment I had in my programming class. I decided to have some fun with it and meme the hell out of it. so enjoy your borgar an...
22amrg (0)
Text Adventure
This is my project in python, I am a beginner in python, and basically​​ you are trapped in a dungeon and need to get out. Along the way, you will fac...
eidhernan (38)
I am making a text adventure game. I am looking for ideas regarding the story.
I will be making a text adventure game, similar to something like Zork, but less painful. You see, with most text adventures, you are given a descript...
kbadrinath_tcsp (222)
why is it showing namechoice as undefined
so basically i'm making this thing, and when i try to use namechoice in firstStretch(), it just keeps on saying that namechoice is undefined. I have t...
JamesGibbs1 (2)
The Hidden City
Can you navigate through an unexplored forest and discover a hidden city before it is too late? Here are the rules: 1. For the first question, type i...
bxtterflyEM (0)
Guess my Password!
![Web_Photo_Editor]( lets see you can get my passwor...
CoolCoderSJ (507)
## Shorten URLs Recently, I made a project called SJURL, which I am very proud of, as it can do most of what Bitly does in their paid plans... This is...
higher or lower
Implement a program that picks a pseudorandom number between 1 and 10, inclusive, and gives the user up to 3 chances to guess that number, each time p...
JacobMcPherson1 (194)
is there any way I can loop the 2 lines of code print('bababooey') and time.sleep(0.01) I'm pretty new to python soo I don't really know
jessedevries08 (0)
How do i download this?
If i download it in a .ZIP folder it doesnt open
epicman702 (481)
coding tycoon!
become a rich coder in this python game! This is the final BETA update! Pls upvote!!!
ChrystomThalapp (1)
change prefix command with repl. it databasr
how do i config my bot to use repl's database instead of jsons?
jrhau (3)
DAY 004 - Rock Paper Scissors (using circular logic + side-by-side art display!)
[DAY 004 - Rock, Paper, Scissors]( I'm quite happy with the solution I came up with. To ev...
Torencodes (1)
How to make oreos!
Come to this website to make oreos! ![OIP](
ElliotJensen (3)
so i am working on a game like the original pong game but when I try to get my paddle to move it doesnt work any help would be aprreciated
doglover2010 (1)
Yo this is amazing
Hello whoever sees this is amazing
mrcoxall (4)
pycodestyle is ignoring errors and warnings?
I want my students to run "pycodestyle", so they can check their style before submitting their assignments. I went to the shell and ran: ~/pycodesty...
Airbus (1)
Re. Assistance needed with Python problem ...
Hello, I'm new to Python - just thought I'd get that out of the way first! And, about that - I recently asked a Python question on this forum & got...
LeviBernard (3)
This is a project for my computer science class where we have to make image filters. Neither me nor my teacher can figure out why this error message i...
DrawWithPython (7)
Is it possible to pick up updates of a forked repl without Git
I might need to work with the (very young) beginner users who don't have any Git (or programming) experience, who are just getting started. So I was w...
a5rocks (821)
#WEEKLY challenge 4 number thing
For a while I was disappointed that my language of choice doesn't have a case statement, but then I realized I could just do this: `return ['zero', 'o...
launcherman08 (21)
Rob the Bank
Rob the bank! 3 levels with codes, and wire cutting. A python text adventure.
SyedUsman1 (1)
The Intromaker Chatbot.
Its a simple and interactive chatbot that will make a short introduction of user by just asking few questions...Hope You Enjoy It.
falcondesigns (0)
help mee
please help me with this :D
bangbangyafty (0)
Quick Program using if statements
This is just a quick program using if and else statements. Changing the logged_in determines which line it prints out. btw I'm new to python please...