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Replit for GitHub Students

A special offer for students enrolled in the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Claim Private Repls for Free

Replit has partnered with GitHub to provide students with free access to make Repls private for 6 months. This is available to students who are enrolled in the GitHub Student Developer Pack.Sign In With Your GitHub Account
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  • Q: How do I qualify for the Replit GitHub Student Developer Pack offer?A: Apply for access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack here.
  • Q: How do I activate the student discount?A: After qualifying for the GitHub Student Developer Pack, sign up to Replit using your GitHub account. If you're an existing Replit user you can activate the offer by going to your Replit account page and reconnecting your GitHub account.
  • Q: Do I need a credit card to redeem the offer?A: No. A credit card will only be required when your student offer expires.
  • Have more questions?Let us know.

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