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Personal plans

Save with yearly pricing
Unlimited Public Repls
0.5 GB Account Storage
10 GiB Outbound Data Transfer
Base Workspace (0.5 GB Memory, 0.5vCPUs)
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Best value
Unlimited Private Repls
10 GB Account Storage
100 GiB Outbound Data Transfer
Very Fast Workspace (4 GB Memory, 4 vCPUs)
One Always On Repl
One Boosted Repl
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SSH into your Repl
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$0.01 each
Digital tokens for added performance and functionality. Buy as-needed or Auto-Refill so you don't run out. Buy Cycles
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1,000 / month
unlimited Repls
Private Repls
Make Repls visible only to you
500 / month
unlimited Repls
Boosted Repls
Your Repl will be up to 32x faster
20 - 350 / day
per Repl
Always On Repls
Your Repl will stay awake
20 / day
per Repl

Organization plans

Plans for Organizations — businesses, schools, institutions, etc. Have a question about our plans? Get in touch.


Teams Pro

Unlimited teams, members, & power
Unlimited private Repls
Unlimited Teams
See who’s coding
5 Boosted Repls
5 Always On Repls
Lots of storage
10 GB+
2x Repl size
1 GB per Repl
4x Memory
2 GB per Repl
4x Speed
2 vCPUs
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Edu Institution

Unlimited teachers, teams, & students.* This plan is offered to all teachers/education institutions. Please use your education affiliated email address when signing up to ensure you receive the best performance and speed. If you are a student, you are welcome to use Teams for Friends.
Private by default
Unlimited teams & students
See who’s coding
Create projects and accept submissions
Autograded I/O & unit tests
Lots of storage*
10 GB+
2x Repl size*
1 GB per Repl
4x Memory*
2 GB per Repl
4x Speed*
2 vCPUs
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